Six iPhone 6 Rumors Doing the Rounds

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With the iPhone 6 supposedly coming this fall, the iRumors are flurrying their way through cyberspace. In celebration of the upcoming release, we’ve gathered six ‘iRumors’ to see what people say the newest iPhone will feature. While there are many out there, we focused on six of the most popular speculations of the upcoming Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) smartphone.

1. The iPhone 6 will have a larger screen

The iPhone may start getting into phablet territory if the rumored 5.7-inch screen rumor is true. This new size would be much larger than the iPhone 5, which has a 4-inch screen. This increase would make the new iPhone’s screen only 2.2 inches smaller than the current version of the iPad Mini.

2. The glass screen may be less fragile than previous iPhones

A cracked screen after a drop or other crash is the hazard of many a smartphone or tablet user, but rumors have it that the iPhone will be using a more expensive less-breakable alternative glass for its latest incarnation of the iPhone. 9to5Mac reports that Apple has procured a facility in Arizona to make sapphire-crystal glass displays for future Apple products, possibly including the iPhone 6.

3. The iPhone may get smarter with a faster processor chip

This iRumor seems the most likely, as every iPhone released has had an improved processor chip. It’s rumored that the new A8 chip will be the brain behind the iPhone 6. As Apple recently extended its agreement with Imagination Technologies, it’s possible.

Source: Thinkstock

4. A curved screen and iPhone

Apple has filed for a patent for a handheld device with a curved screen. As the iPhone is a handheld device, some are speculating that the iPhone may have a curved screen and may generally have more curves than the iPhone’s more boxy past incarnations. Alternatively, the patents behind the rumor may be for another device still in research and development at Apple.

5. The iPhone 6 may take design cues from the iPod Nano and the iPhone 5c

The last generation of iPhones brought us candy-colored and metallic variations of the iPhone in contrast to the previously exclusive black and white options. The rumor is that the iPhone 6 may feature a design with style elements of the iPod Nano, too. As this is the same company that brought us the bright iBook G3, otherwise known as the Clamshell Mac, more color seems somewhat likely.

6. September release date

Past generations of the iPhone have usually been released in either the summer or fall. PC Advisor magazine speculates that the iPhone 6 will continue this tradition. As Apple does have an established pattern for releases, a fall release could happen again.

Apple, of course, is currently mum about its upcoming iPhone 6. So unless an iPhone 6 prototype gets left in a bar anytime soon or an official iPhone 6 announcement is made soon, all of the above iRumors are little more than speculation or gossip.

Disclosure: Jess owns an iPhone 4 that she is in no rush to replace.

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