SNEAK PEEK: The iPhone’s Assets are Shrinking

We’ve heard it before, but now there seems to be new evidence corroborating an earlier report that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is planning to shrink its 30-pin dock connector to a 19-pin port in the next iPhone.

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TechCrunch on Wednesday offered the most confident claim yet about Apple’s plans for an upcoming “mini dock” connector for Apple’s next-generation iOS devices, rumors of which have been swirling for months. The website “independently verified” and “confirmed” that the company is prepping a smaller 19-pin port for inclusion on its next iPhone, which most expect to be launched in October (the current-generation iPhone was launched in October 2011).

According to the report, three independent manufacturers confirmed Apple was working on the new connector, adding that accessory makers are currently awaiting the official announcement of a new standard, which would presumably be incompatible with current accessories. The new port would reportedly be close in size to the Thunderbolt port found on Apple’s newest Macs, but is not expected to have the same “pin-out.”

The TechCrunch article’s author, John Biggs, added that a purported video of the next-generation iPhone that surfaced earlier this month partially showed the new connector. That video appeared to show a sixth-generation iPhone’s metal back plate with a smaller dock port than on current models.

Reports of a new dock connector, or that Apple is at the very least working on a new dock connector, seem to have been confirmed by the company itself, which last month posted job listings for design engineers who would help manage “multiple connector designs and developments.”

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