Sorry Amazon, Netflix Is Still #Winning

netflix remote

Although it once looked as though Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) was poised to reign over yet another industry and de-throne Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) from king of the streaming service hill, a report from Piper Jaffray analysts illuminates that Netflix’s dominant position is still in the clear. At least for now.

Because of the solid number of options consumers can choose from when it comes to video streaming services, the content each service makes available largely dictates what viewers buy into. Among the four most popular streaming services — Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Redbox — Netflix offers the most popular films, while Hulu makes available the most sought-after television shows. So what does Amazon take the lead in? There lies your problem.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Piper Jaffray analysts identified the top 50 movies available for streaming over the last three years, along with the top 75 TV shows available within the last four. As mentioned earlier, Netflix takes the title for most popular movies available with 14 percent, while Amazon trails with 11 percent, Redbox Instant posts 10 percent, and Hulu Plus musters a hearty 0 percent. So although Amazon conjures up a respectable percent of movies, it still has yet to be able to surpass King Netflix.

And the popular video streaming service extends its lead also when it comes to TV show streaming. Though not the winner in this department (Hulu offers viewers 44 percent of popular TV shows), Netflix comes in second with an exemplary 33 percent. Amazon doesn’t even get close to cutting Netflix’s lead in this category, as it posts a measly 7 percent of popular shows made available. Especially in terms of new TV content, Netflix excels, as it has been able to make 27 percent of it available, while Amazon can only make 9 percent happen. But at least it beats out Redbox Instant (0 percent).

So while Amazon will continue to provide healthy competition, Piper Jaffray analysts are confident Netflix will maintain its lead, especially with its new focus on exclusive TV. Netflix is hyper-conscious about the need to stay on the top of its game, especially since once its deal with Viacom Inc (NYSE:VIA) expired, Viacom was all too quick to jump on the Amazon bandwagon and sign a multi-year streaming deal that effectively grants Amazon Prime members access to hundreds of TV shows through Prime Instant Video. So while Netflix focuses on exclusive programming, Amazon will try its luck with content that may also be unavailable elsewhere, but isn’t necessarily new or recent programming. Prime Instant Video is especially proud of its shows from Nickelodeon, MTV, and Comedy Central that aren’t available through other streaming services.

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