Study: Facebook is Falling in Social Login

Jantrain social login report


Jantrain has released the results of its quarterly study on which social networks people use to log in to third party sites, which is known as using a social login, a technique that Jantrain pioneered. Predictably, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) maintained its number one spot in the third quarter of 2013, but data shows that Facebook’s dominance in social login is being eaten away by other social networks that have begun offering social login as well.

Facebook came in at 45 percent of all social logins in the third quarter of this year, which is a noticeable decline from where the site peaked a year ago at 54 percent. Google’s social media site Google Plus has eaten away at Facebook’s share of social logins, coming in at 33 percent for this year versus 25 percent a year ago.

Jantrain social login study


Jantrain said that social logins are appealing because they remove the necessity of maintaining a myriad of user names and passwords for different sites around the Internet and they practically eliminate the need to fill out lengthy registration forms. As more people choose to use mobile devices for their computing needs, users will show even less patience with filling out such forms and social login will become even more common.

According to the study, it’s important to note that different social media sites cultivate different online personalities. People are less likely to use Facebook than LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD), for example, when logging into a site for business professionals, as they would rather potential employers have access to a professional LinkedIn page than a Facebook account that is mainly used for socializing with friends.

Facebook still leads the pack across most types of social login sites despite its decreased share of the market. Media, retail, entertainment and gaming, consumer brands, and music-related sites all showed that Facebook was the most common way people used social login. Meanwhile, Google has made some big improvements to Google Plus in recent months, and hasn’t given up on trying to become a real competitor to Facebook.

But, Facebook needn’t worry much for now. A recent study from Kantar showed that Americans were more likely not to use a social network at all than to have an account on any site other than Facebook.

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