Technology Investing: Cisco Begs Sellers to Stop, Wall St. Hypes Semiconductors

Tech (NASDAQ:QQQ) is up 0.33% so far today — about middle of the pack. Here’s your Cheat Sheet to top business developments at the most widely traded technology companies:

1) Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) has been in a downtrend since the first part of 2010. Now, it shows up on “New 52-week Lows” lists on a weekly basis. Finally, CEO John Chambers has stepped in to halt the bleed. He has promised major changes on the horizon, but we’ll have to wait to hear exactly what those changes will be.

2) Semiconductors (NYSE:SMH): Chip stocks are powering up as Wall Street analysts start upgrading stocks ahead of more mergers and acquisitions. Semiconductors have done a 180 degree turn after a weak Semiconductor Industry Association report on Monday. The sector has strengthened after Texas Instruments (NYSE:TXN) made a cash buyout offer for National Semiconductor (NYSE:NSM) for $25 a share (~6.5 billion). That’s a 78% premium to the closing price. Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD), Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM), and Broadcom (NASDAQ:BRCM) are all trading up today.

3) Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT): Business Insider Reports: “Less than a week after Microsoft marketing chief Mich Mathews announced her retirement, Microsoft has replaced her with the former head of Office marketing, Chris Capossela. Capossela has been with Microsoft for 20 years, and last month he stepped down from his long time role leading Office marketing. As marketing head, Capossela will control Microsoft’s advertising budget, which runs more than $1 billion per year, as well as its powerful public relations machine. He is also taking control of Microsoft’s channels strategy — its relationships with retailers, mobile operators, and other distribution channels. He’ll report to operations chief Kevin Turner.”

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