The 5 Biggest Video Games Launching This Week

Is there such a thing as the calm after the storm? Last week’s major release was Destiny, a game that reportedly brought in over $500 million in revenue on day one alone. So it’s no surprise that publishers are feeling a little wary of putting out any big games this week. Plenty of games are still coming out, but most of them are smaller affairs in genres that don’t overlap with Destiny. So if you’re not into the whole first-person shooter thing, this week you’ll find a number of titles that might interest you.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

September 16 (Nintendo 3DS)

Square Enix isn’t shy about remixing its properties in new and unusual ways. One of the more interesting games the company has introduced recently is Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, a clumsily-titled yet fantastically creative rhythm game based on music from the Final Fantasy series. So instead of battling your way through epic RPG story lines as you do in the core series, here you tap buttons in time with classic music. It’s like Rock Band, but with iconic orchestral scores instead of radio music. The best part is that you don’t need plastic instruments to play it.

Naruto Shipuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

September 16 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows)

This fighting game takes characters from the popular manga/anime Naruto and pits them against each other so they can, you know, bash each other’s faces in. The game sports over 100 playable characters and introduces a number of new ideas to the series. There’s a new counterattack system that changes the feel of the fights, and in Tournament Mode that lets you battle up to three opponents at once. It sounds like a lot of fun, and the graphics look fantastic (just watch that trailer). If you’re a fan of fighting games, keep your eyes peeled for reviews this week.

Fairy Fencer F

September 16 (PlayStation 3)

The third (but not last) Japanese game landing this week is Fairy Fencer F, a role-playing game about a battle between two deities. The premise is that a god and a goddess are in an arms race to create bigger and better weapons. The two main characters, Fang and Tiara, are “Fencers,” which basically means they collect these weapons and train to use them in battle. That training comes in handy when they get swept up in the struggle between the two gods. It sounds about as epic as stories get, with fluid, combo-based combat, and great anime-style graphics. Pick this one up if you love JRPGs and want to dive into a 30-hour adventure.

Murasaki Baby

September 16 (PS Vita)

Here’s an odd one for you. Murasaki Baby is a pencil-drawn platformer that would look right at home in a Tim Burton movie. Using nothing but touch input on the Vita’s screen, you guide a creepy-looking girl with an upside-down face through a spooky world that’s mostly devoid of color. Her goal is to find her mommy, but you’ll have to guide her through loads of environmental dangers before she’ll get there. A game this distinctive might not appeal to everyone, but for certain players, it’s right up their alley.

Tropico 5

September 19 (Mac, Linux)

This tropical sim game came out for Windows PCs a few months ago to mostly positive reviews, but it’s now making its way to the Mac and Linux ends of the tech world. In it, you play as a dictator who controls a vibrant tropical island. That means you use things like plantations and mines to generate revenue you can then use to expand your city and defend against invading forces. Think of it as SimCity meets Far Cry. If you’ve never played a Tropico game before, don’t worry; by all accounts Tropico 5 is a great entry point for newbies, thanks to its robust tutorial and well designed difficulty progression.

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