The Latest Video Game Rumors: ‘Destiny,’ ‘Mario,’ and More

The video game industry is enormous, so it’s only natural that whispers and leaks float around like fallen leaves in the breeze. As usual, some big, exciting video game rumors have drifted into the air this week. Below, we run down the Internet’s hottest leaks and rumors and try to determine just how likely it is that they’re true — so grab your crystal ball and follow along.



Was a Mario Wrestling/Volleyball Game Cancelled?

It takes a lot of people to make a game, so it’s hard to keep upcoming titles under wraps until the publisher decides to make an announcement. Things get even dicier when a game is cancelled and the people making it move on to other projects. According to a site called Unseen64, an anonymous former animator for Next Level Games has spilled the beans about a cancelled Wii game called Super Mario Spikers, a game that combined volleyball and wrestling.

Mario has been known to dabble in sports like golf, soccer, racing, and tennis, so a volleyball game would fit right in. Next Level Games was the developer the Gamecube soccer game Super Mario Strikers, so it would make sense for Nintendo to tap the company for another Mario-themed sports title. The only question is how the game planned to combine wrestling and volleyball — a question that’s somewhat answered by this video, which shows character animations as they spike the ball and stomp on opponents.

So how likely is it to be true? For one thing, concept art and video that looks professional would be tough to fake. The source of the information has wished to remain anonymous, but that could be so future employers don’t know he or she has leaked information about a cancelled game. I’d say the evidence for this one looks pretty good. The game was cancelled, according to Unseen64, because certain parts of it “clashed with the company’s code of honor.” That’s too bad, because it sounds like fun.

Verdict: Probably


Did a Bug in Destiny Reveal Future Content?

YouTuber Kinsey_92, along with others, noticed something suspicious while playing Destiny over the weekend. Normally, when you move your cursor over areas of the map you haven’t yet completed, a text window pops up to detail any missions that are available in that location.

Reportedly, after a recent update, when you move your cursor over certain areas on the map, unannounced (and unreleased) missions are displayed. The missions are unplayable, and the text boxes say things like, “requirements not met” and “expansions required,” but they still give details about the missions. You can see the details about all unannounced content here.

Since the information comes from the game itself, it’s very likely that this content is indeed on the way.

Verdict: Almost definitely

Source: Destiny game trailer via YouTube

Is Mercury the Next Planet Coming to Destiny?

Another leak about Destiny? You know it! Any game this big with this many players poking at it from all directions is bound to let loose some information. This possible leak comes from NowGamer (the article has since been removed), which says that Mercury will soon be added to Destiny’s lineup of planets. For reference, the current lineup includes Earth, Moon, Venus, and Mars.

The source of this intel is the game’s source code, which some players have apparently been picking through since they got their hands on the game. What they found, apparently, is information about a three versus three multiplayer mission called the “Trials of Osiris.” The uncovered text reads: “You have caught the eye of Osiris. Venture to Mercury and prove yourself as one of the Crucible’s elite … A string of victories will earn great rewards — but lose three times and you’re out.”

The validity of this rumor is tough to gauge, as the original report is no longer available. But thanks to Destiny’s 10-year development cycle, it’s a sure thing that more content is on its way, probably sooner rather than later. Adding Mercury would make sense — but that doesn’t make the rumor true.

Verdict: Possibly


Have Bloodborne’s Multiplayer Details Leaked?

Bloodborne, slated for a February 6, 2015 release, is one of the most anticipated upcoming exclusives for PlayStation 4. The thing is, developer From Software has been pretty hush-hush on information about how multiplayer will be incorporated into the game. However, a post detailed on Reddit offers some juicy hints.

The post seems to have been written by a non-native English speaker, so much of it is difficult to decipher. But certain parts jibe with what we already know. A recently released trailer shows two players hacking away at a large enemy. If the post is true, then what’s shown in the trailer is a co-op boss battle, where one person invites a friend into their game to fight a boss. If you choose to go this route, the leaker says, you can’t use consumable items to heal yourself. That’s the kind of tricky trade-off we expect from the makers of Dark Souls.

The rumor also contains information about turning into a beast and gaining new attacks, but it’s all pretty hard to understand. On the plus side, this rumor apparently comes from the same source that leaked the existence of the game before it was announced, so there’s a good chance it’s true.

Verdict: Probably

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