Apple Reinvents the iPhone

What is Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) changing in its next iPhone? One more unnamed source has come out to claim that the new phone has a larger screen and a smaller dock connector. According to the 9to5Mac blog, Apple is testing several screen sizes for the new iPhone, but is focusing on a design that is 3.95 inches long diagonally. Earlier rumors had also pointed to an about 4-inch long screen size.

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Also, the smaller dock connector will not be “pill-shaped” as rumored earlier, but just a much narrower version of the current squared-off on the corners connector, and will be between the size of a Micro-USB and Mini-USB connector. But that will mean that the new iPhone will not be able to use the chords of previous Apple mobile devices, which has remained unchanged for years.

It’s also being said that Apple is changing the resolution of the phone, increasing the length of the screen while the width stays the same. The new resolution will be 640 x 1136, which makes it 176 pixels longer than the current devices. Apple is also reportedly working on an iOS 6 build that can take advantage of the new screen size, and is looking to add a fifth row of icons to the home screen above the stationary app dock.

The sources also claim that all the under-test iPhone prototypes have a home button, unlike what had been claimed earlier.

You say we keep score of how many of the rumors we hear until the launch actually come true?

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