These 10 Companies Provide a Huge Medium For Online Advertisers

The Internet revolutionized how people view and consume information. From email to social media networking, users are finding more content to digest than ever before. The popularity of the Internet also paved the way for more advertising in our daily lives.

According to comScore, a leader in measuring several aspects of the digital world, Americans are still viewing massive amounts of online video. The company recently announced that data from its Video Metrix service showed 181.9 million U.S. Internet users watched 38.8 billion online videos in April, down 1.3 percent from 39.3 billion videos in March. As per usual, Google Sites generated the highest number with 13.0 billion videos and easily logged the highest average engagement among the top ten properties.

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Video ads, often a pesky prerequisite for viewing online videos, edged slightly higher from 13.2 billion in March to 13.3 billion views in April. This is the highest level of video ads on record. Google sites also delivered a record 2.4 billion video ads. Overall, video ads reached 53 percent of the total U.S. population an average of 82 times during the month.

Let’s take a look at which sites are attracting the most users and providing a huge medium for advertisers.

Listed below are the top U.S. online video content properties ranked by unique video viewers in April:

Google sites (NASDAQ:GOOG): 154.6 million

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB): 62.7 million

VEVO (NYSE:SNE): 52.9 million

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News Distribution Network: 45.3 million

Yahoo! sites (NASDAQ:YHOO): 45.1 million

Viacom Digital (NYSE:VIA): 43.7 million

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT): 42.2 million

Amazon sites (NASDAQ:AMZN): 36.9 million

AOL (NYSE:AOL): 36.1 million

Turner Digital: 34.9 million

After most of the companies logged gains in March, there were noticeable swings in April. Unique online video viewers at Yahoo and AOL declined 10.3 percent and 10.9 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s audience surged 20 percent from March to April.

ComScore also finds that 84.7 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video in April, with the average duration per content video being 5.6 minutes. Video ads accounted for 25.5 percent of all videos viewed and 2.3 percent of all minutes spent viewing video online.

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