These Numbers Say Facebook Needn’t Worry About Twitter


In its first ever study of Twitter mobile usage, eMarketer found that 28 million people will access Twitter via mobile at least once monthly this year. That is a growth of 22 percent versus last year, a figure far lower than previous growth the social media site has shown. Twitter’s growth on mobile will continue in the coming years, though at a much flatter rate than has previously been seen.

The study found that Twitter’s mobile users will account for 11.4 percent of smartphone users and 8.8 percent of the population. Twitter users make up 28 percent of people who access social media via mobile. Those numbers are significant, but still pale in comparison to rival Facebook (NASDAQ:FB).

Close to 100 percent of people who use social media via mobile access Facebook — and Facebook’s latest metrics show that 40 percent of the American population checks the site daily via both mobile and desktop.

eMarketer Twitter usage

eMarketer Twitter/Facebook usage

Although the study found that one in five smartphone users would access Twitter on their phones at least once a month by 2017, that figure is still just 26.8 percent of total smartphone users that use their phones to access social media. By 2017, Facebook is expected to be accessed by 95.7 percent of mobile phone social network users.

Looking specifically at mobile usage, Facebook is expected to have 100 million monthly users this year, compared to Twitter’s 36.8 million. Those mobile users make up 76 percent of Twitter’s total user base, a figure that’s expected to rise to 87 percent by 2017. Ninety-five percent of Facebook’s users are forecast to access Facebook via mobile by 2017.

So, in the coming years, it looks like Facebook will continue its domination of mobile social networking with no need to worry about competition from Twitter cutting into its market share.

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