IT’S OFFICIAL! Apple Lets the iPhone 5 Cat Out of the Bag

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may have, unwittingly, revealed some of the developments expected at its big media event later today, including confirming the name and at least one big feature of the next-generation iPhone.

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The new smartphone will be called the iPhone 5, according to an inactive link that appears to have been accidentally posted on the company’s official website. Searching for the term “iPhone 5” in the search bar on offers up results that include a link to a press release titled “Apple-Introduces-iPhone-5.” While the link is still inactive hours before the scheduled launch, it offers a sufficient hint by including today’s date in its web address. The phone will also include 4G LTE connectivity, as searching for the term “iPhone LTE” offers a dead link to a page titled “”

Among other details, searching for the term “new iPod touch” leads to a link to a page that is presumably a press release about the release of a new iPod Touch and an iPod Nano at the event today. The company is also likely to unveil a new version of iTunes, since there is another broken link to a page titled “Apple Unveils New iTunes” with today’s date.

The new iPhone is undoubtedly the device most looked forward to, and is expected to feature a thinner body, bigger screen, a smaller dock connector, and of course, 4G LTE connectivity.

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