‘Titanfall’ Has Free Content Coming: Disappointed Gamers Rejoice

source: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/games/Titanfall#fbid=BmRTwhmWeZQ

One of the biggest complaints flying around the Internet about Titanfall on the Xbox One and PC is that it was too expensive for how few game elements it included. After paying a blockbuster price of $59.99, many players would expect a game that included a well-developed multiplayer, co-op missions, and an entertaining solo campaign.

Gamers felt shorted when they only got the well-developed multiplayer ingredient in the recipe for a winning game. Of course, that didn’t stop people from buying the game in droves to make it the number one selling game for the week it launched, selling over a million copies in the weekend ended March 15, according to VGChartz. It also didn’t stop the game from receiving a Gamespot score of 9 out of 10. Player reviews on the site were a bit lower, giving it an average score of 6.9.

A comparable game that launched recently, Hawken, features intense mech-based combat and pits players head-to-head online without any sort of campaign mode, though there is a type of co-op gameplay. This game has been reviewed more favorably by gamers, giving it a score of 7.4 on Gamespot, and perhaps that’s because they got everything for free — though the game does feature micro-transactions to offer players additional perks that can otherwise be earned slower. And Hawken isn’t an outlier, as many multiplayer-only games come out as free-to-play. So it’s understandable that players were mad to get something similar for a substantial price. Fortunately, the game developers have a treat in store for Titanfall’s million players in the form of free stuff.

Vince Zampella — the co-founder of Titanfall maker Respawn — announced on his Twitter account that new game modes would be free for all players, “not part of DLC.” While some free-to-play games might force players to unlock access to different game modes, Titanfall’s creators probably realized they owe it to players to give more game modes for free.

The addition of game modes means more variety and thus continued playability for the game. As Respawn has planned upcoming downloadable content, it’s a good idea to ensure that players don’t eject that disk to start playing something else anytime too soon. Titanfall has a good shot at making a hefty chunk of extra money with the DLC, which is planned at $10 for each release if players buy each individually.

It’s extra important not to leave players too frustrated about what they bought, since it’s more than likely going to get a sequel made by Electronic Arts, according to Gamespot. 

On a side note, Microsoft might not be the sole beneficiary of any Titanfall sequels, as EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has said that Titanfall sequels might come out for Sony and Nintendo platforms as well, reports Gamespot. Who knows, we might even see a virtual reality-compatible version on Sony’s Morpheus in the future. If that’s the case, the Xbox One may have a really hard time competing with the PS4, which is still leading the Xbox One 6.34 million to 3.9 million, according to VGChartz.

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