Touchfire Screen-Top Keyboard Review

As a new Apple iPad (NASDAQ:AAPL) user, I’ve recently overcome my skepticism of the need for not only a smart phone and computer but also an iPad. So, I initially had some major doubts about adding yet another product into my technology regular rotation. After a few weeks of using the Touchfire Screen-Top Keyboard, here’s what I’ve thought about my user experience thus far:


I’m very happy there is a case to put the Keyboard in since I don’t always want to have it on my iPad (NASDAQ:AAPL). I appreciate that it is a small case and is easy to travel with; however, I do think the quality of the plastic made to use the case could be easily upgraded.


I LOVE that the Keyboard makes it so much easier to type with all 10 fingers as opposed to chicken pecking at individual keys with just a finger or two. I also love that that each key on the Keyboard is texturized so you can easily know you are hitting the correct iPad key without looking down at the Keyboard, and that the F and J keys on the Keyboard have a small elevated tap just like a real laptop or desktop computer have on their keyboards. Both features really improve the iPad user experience while using the iPad keyboard. I do find that the Touchfire Keyboard does hinder the ability to scroll on the iPad, and wish there was a way to do so without retracting the Keyboard halfway down the iPad. I also love that the Keyboard magnetically attaches to the iPad, but the bottom magnets fit awkwardly onto the iPad, so it seems like the Keyboard design is just slightly off somehow. I also wish there was a different way to attach the top of the Keyboard to the iPad than the tape squares (although it is nice some extras were included in the case).


The Keyboard seems to get dusty pretty easily, so I also appreciate that you can quickly wash it off by just putting it under running water. Also, even if I don’t put it directly into the case after I use it, it does seem to be quite durable.

So, would I buy this product for my self in the future? Without any tweaks to the product, probably. Will I continue using the current model? Yes, but would consider upgrading to a better model in the future. Would I think about it for a friend or family member that has an iPad (NASDAQ:AAPL)? If they are one of those people that already has everything, yes.

For instructional videos and an interactive typing application: