Twitter Gets a Facelift: 7 Changes and 1 Similarity to Note

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) announced on its official blog that its new redesign is out for a select group of users — mostly new users. Some high-profile users, like First Lady Michelle Obama and rock band Weezer, also have the new version, if you want a peek at what your Twitter feed is going to look like in the near future. The blog post claims that the redesign was done to make Twitter easier to use and more accessible. We’ve noted some key changes in the new design, as well as one similarity.

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1. Yes, it looks more like Facebook

One of the top complaints about Twitter lately is that the social media outlet is trying to be more like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). Those critics will have more to kvetch about, since the new Twitter profile design does resemble a Facebook profile page.

2. Photos are bigger

This is another Facebook-like change, but not necessarily a bad one. The larger photos draw more attention to the graphics.

3. Tweets with links and popular tweets are easier to identify by sight now

Tweets with larger text denote links now, making them stand out among a page of tweets. And if you have a tweet that got more attention than usual, it’s larger as well.

4. The profile page now has three columns

Pre-redesign Twitter has two columns, a narrow left one and a wider right one that consists of tweets. In the new version, Twitter moved the “Who to Follow “ and “Trends” boxes to the right of the Twitter feed, adding a third column to the page.

5. Viva la retweet button

Despite rumors of a share button replacing the retweet on the mobile version of Twitter, the retweet button still lives on in this newest webpage version. It and the other buttons are also larger, with the text that used to accompany them cut to make room.

6. The cover photo is now a banner header

The image that used to be the background to your Twitter icon is now its own header banner, so no more worrying if your profile icon blocks the best part of the background cover photo.

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7. Lists are now sidelined

Lists were a useful little option in the left column in the old version. In the new version, lists have been sidelined to the “More” option of the vertical menu, below the cover photo.

8. The top banner menu is untouched

In a round of “the more things change, the more they stay the same,” the topmost banner menu that hovers above all Twitter pages in the old version is here to stay. It remains unchanged for now.

So here’s what you need to know if you just skipped to the bottom: The design is more like Facebook. Photos, links, and buttons are larger. People are complaining that the new design looks too much like Facebook and about the new design in general. Overall, the design is cleaner. It’ll arrive on our profiles in the coming weeks.

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