Twitter Thinks Amazon’s New In-Home Delivery Service Amazon Key Is a Really Bad Idea

Safety concerns are preventing users from getting excited about Amazon Key

Amazon has just announced a new in-home delivery service called Amazon Key, and Twitter users are skeptical to say the least.

With Amazon Key, users will be able to allow couriers to unlock their front door so that packages can be delivered inside their home. First you’ll need a special Amazon Cloud Cam, a camera that connects to Wi-Fi and points at the door. Then you need a smart lock for the door, which the camera connects to. When the courier arrives, your account grants them access and the camera begins recording as the courier unlocks the smart lock with an app, drops off the package, and leaves.

But the idea of allowing a stranger into your home while you’re not there is not something that was immediately embraced by users on Twitter, who imagined delivery drivers stealing things after they’ve been granted access.

Others immediately began to imagine the first case of someone being murdered after a killer got into their house using this service.

Some were just worried about the possibility of the couriers accidentally letting out their pets.

In addition to there being concerns of robbery, there were also safety concerns for the couriers, who Twitter users worried could be harmed after suddenly entering a stranger’s house.

The possibility of the cloud camera and smart lock being hacked was also a fear.

The idea also just faced general mockery on Twitter, with everyone finding the service’s pitch to be fairly ridiculous.

The Amazon Cloud Cam seems to mainly be there for safety reasons. The idea is for there to be a video recording of the courier entering the home in case anything out of the ordinary happens. In addition to this recording being saved, you’ll also get a notification on your phone when the delivery driver arrives, and at this point you can tune into a live feed of your door to actually watch them deliver the package in real time. You’ll also get a specific delivery window the day of so that theoretically no one at home will be surprised by the Amazon courier suddenly entering their home. The couriers are also instructed to ring the doorbell or knock first, so they’ll never just enter with no warning.

Theoretically, the app can also be used for things outside of having packages delivered. For example, you can grant a friend or a loved one access to your home this way, not having to actually give them a physical key. You can also grant access to those who need to enter the house to provide services, like a cleaning crew. The app will let you give someone permanent access to the house, but you can also grant someone access for one time only.

Amazon will be selling the camera and the smart lock together in a package for $250 beginning this November.