What Apple TV? Foxconn Says It Didn’t Confirm A Thing

Foxconn has backed off from its chief executive’s purported statements about the existence of a high-definition television from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). Last week, China Daily had reported that Foxconn’s chief executive Terry Gou said at a news conference that his company, which is Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner, was in the process of preparing to produce said devices. Rumors of Apple launching a full-fledged TV have been around for a while, with a few experts even expecting an unveiling as early as later this year.

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However, the Chinese company has issued a statement to The Next Web, stressing that all Gou said was the company would be ready in case such a requirement were to come up. Gou had “made it very clear that he would neither confirm nor speculate about Foxconn’s involvement in the product,” the statement said.

“At no time did [Gou] confirm that Foxconn was in development or manufacturing stages for any product for any of its customers,” it added. “He did say that Foxconn is always prepared to meet the manufacturing needs of customers should they determine that they wish to work with Foxconn in the production of any of their products.”

The company added that any reports saying otherwise were “not accurate” and that it was company policy to not talk about clients’ products.

China Daily was reporting from a press conference held by Foxconn to announce the start of construction of its new headquarters in Shanghai. The report even had details attributed to Gou, saying that although development or manufacturing had not yet started, the product included features such as an aluminum construction, Siri, and FaceTime video calling. Foxconn had recently acquired half of Japanese company Sharp’s display business.

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