What Will Apple Announce in June?

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At the beginning of June, all technology industry and media eyes will be on San Francisco to see what news comes out of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Worldwide Developer’s Conference, particularly from the keynote. These addresses are when Apple traditionally announces new products of both the hardware and software variety to the world. This year, some speculate that hardware announcements will include the iPhone 6 and the much-rumored iWatch.

Apple news website 9to5 Mac has sources who say the iWatch, Apple TV, and a new MacBook Air with Retina display will be among the hardware announcements will be announced at the conference. The Telegraph suggests that the iPhone 6 will be announced at the conference. Both mentioned iOS 8 as software to be announced. NBC News agrees that the iWatch, MacBook Air, and software announcements are likely coming. It also speculates that Apple may announce a new “iPad Pro “ tablet to compete with the upcoming Microsoft Surface 3 tablet. It is no surprise that the iRumors are flying as the buzz around the upcoming conference starts to build.

What can be confirmed so far about the conference is that it will be held the week of June 2. The keynote address will kick off the conference. The website for the conference has the program up. Sessions range from the very obviously themed “Managing Apple Devices” and “Apple Store App” to the whimsically secretive “Shhhh, Can’t Tell You Yet” and “It’s Under Wraps.” Both of the latter two and similarly named sessions contain the following text description:

“The title and description of this session will be revealed after the Keynote on Monday June 2nd. Check back to view the updated schedule and favorite the sessions and labs you would like to attend.”

Other events of a less app development-centric nature include the Apple Design Awards, Lunchtime Speakers throughout the conference, Get Together gatherings, Stump the Experts, and The Bash, a party with music for conference attendees. Apple certainly does believe in scheduling a little play in the midst of sessions, labs, and speeches.

Apple has also released an app for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store for the conference. It contains schedules, maps, and other information valuable to conference attendees.

For the general public who will not be able to attend the conference, they will simply have to follow the various announcements from the conference as they come out. Apple is infamous for staying mum about announcements until the company decides it is ready to make that announcement, despite the pool of iRumors online.

One fact that can be confirmed right now is that Apple certainly knows how to get people talking online and in real life simply by announcing that the company will make announcements.

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