Who’s Calling For a New Apple CEO, and Why?

Little voices here and there might be stirring up trouble for Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, as many call for his removal. And some aren’t so little.

Apple’s stock has been all over the place since Cook became CEO of the company after Steve Jobs. When he took the help, the stock was below its current value, though some people seem to forget that fact, and simply pin the stocks slide from its peak to its current value all on him.

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One of the louder voices calling for an ousting for Cook is Doug Kass, who manages a small hedge fund and apparently gets some attention on CNBC and Twitter. Kass once suggested a split up of Apple was on the horizon, but the stock went up and he sold off his shares. Monday, Kass suggested similarly that Cook could be in trouble.

His tweet read: “@DougKass: From my Gnome, high above the Alps – ‘Is Apple’s Tim Cook… Cooked?’” This came just a day before Apple’s second quarter earnings are reported on April 23…

There are others calling for the same thing, but they may not have all their facts straight. One Forbes contributor, Gene Marcial, said that Apple’s shares had nearly halved in value since Cook took his spot in October 2011, which MarketWatch’s Tom Bemis noted was entirely inaccurate.

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Investors’ disgruntlement with the company is reasonable, as there has been a dearth of hot product launches since the iPad Mini, and it seems that the doldrums could go on a couple more months. But it could be a bit over-the-top to expect the company to drop Cook at this point, as it might be hard for the company to find someone — as Bemis puts it — who would want to try digging Apple out of its hole amid intense scrutiny and endless comparisons to Steve Jobs.

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