Why is GM Handing Out Free iPads?

General Motors (NYSE:GM) wants to bring its consumers up to speed with the latest in tech, so it’s giving away free iPads. The automaker, which is introducing a new in-car technology that uses touch controls, is giving every buyer of its Cadillac XTS Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) latest tablet so they can get used to the controls.

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The latest in the company’s Cadillac line comes installed with Cadillac User Experience, an in-vehicle system that uses touch and voice controls to access information and entertainment. The iPad being given away with the car will be preloaded with an application that simulates the CUE experience and YouTube videos explaining how the system works have also been created.

“Expecting that everyone is going to have a learning curve with this new technology, we want everyone to embrace it; we don’t want people to ignore it,” Mark Harland, manager of the connected customer at General Motors, told CNBC. “I want [people] to embrace it and learn it, that’s important to us as a company.”

GM is also committing more people to customer service specifically for the CUE system and each dealership has been asked to train two certified technology specialists in the system.

“We want to provide customers with tools to be comfortable,” Harland added. “The CUE, in terms of the touching and swiping and moving and pinching, is very similar to the iPad and tablets that are out there right now.”

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