Why Is Google SCRAPPING These Products?

Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) slimming-down exercise is continuing, with the company eliminating five of its products, including the iGoogle home page personalization service. Google has already got rid of more than 30 products and services since last fall as it tries to shift focus to search, advertising, video, social networking, and mobile devices.

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The iPage service, which let users personalize Google’s home page with applications such as weather updates and stock quotes, will be turned off in November 2013. The mobile version of iGoogle will be discontinued as soon as the end of this month. iGoogle had started in 2005 as an attempt to get more people to create accounts and have them return to Google for information they were interested in. Google said tens of millions of people used iGoogle within its first two years of existence, but has not disclosed any recent figures. However, the need for iGoogle has slowly been weathered down by smartphone apps that provide all the information it offered.

“The need for iGoogle has eroded over time,” Google’s general manager of global enterprise search, Matt Eichner, wrote in a blog post.

Google is also planning to get rid of Google Video, which the company launched before buying YouTube in 2006. The company plans to transfer Google Video’s content to YouTube and will give users until August 20 to delete or transfer videos. It is also discontinuing its Google Mini search server for businesses. Mini will end at the end of this month “because its functionality can be better provided by products like Google Search Appliance, Google Site Search, and Google Commerce Search,” Eichner wrote.

Google is also eliminating Google Talk Chatback, a widget that allows websites to embed the Google Talk interface, and is shutting down its Nokia (NYSE:NOK) Symbian search app.

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