Tim Cook: ‘Stay Tuned’ on Apple’s Facebook Status

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) integrated Twitter into its last iOS upgrade, and now Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) could be next, if we’re reading CEO Tim Cook’s hints correctly, with more details likely to surface this upcoming week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

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While speaking at a recent All Things Digital conference, Cook was asked about Facebook integration in iOS 6, the presumed name for the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Cook noted he had great respect for the social network, and told the audience to “stay tuned” on that relationship going forward.

Apple first integrated Twitter in iOS 5, allowing iPhone and iPad users to Tweet directly from apps such as Safari, YouTube, or the built-in camera, without having to launch a separate Twitter app. A similar partnership with Facebook could allow users to “Like” or comment on a status or photo without having to be in the Facebook app.

But while Apple may be considering a tie-up with Facebook, we already know it’s opting to leave Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) behind as it moves forward. Apple has reportedly created its own map app for iOS 6, and will be dumping Google Maps, which doesn’t bode well for nascent social network Google+.

While speculation surrounding WWDC 2012 has focused mainly on the Mac lineup, which is expected to get a major update, Apple is also thought to be preparing to launch iOS 6. Apple announced iOS 5, the current version of the mobile operating system, at last year’s WWDC.

Heading into the highly acclaimed Worldwide Developers Conference, shares of Apple finished last week up 3.45% while Facebook’s stock was lower 2.24% at the close of the trading week.

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