Will Apple’s New Mac Line Be Stronger, Faster, Thinner?

Expectations that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will have a new product in the market next month are staying strong. The company is said to be upgrading its Mac line with a new Macbook Pro and an iMac, and a benchmarks website has now revealed some specification details for the two computers, suggesting the devices may be ready for a launch soon.

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According to the Geekbench, the new MacBookPro9,1 will run Max OS X 10.8 operating system, a build yet to be released to developers, on a quad-core 2.70 GHz Core i7-3820QM processor. It received a Geekbench score of 12,252, which is 17 percent better than the 10,500 of the current MacBook Pro. The desktop, iMac13,2, will supposedly have a 3.40 GHz Core i7-3770QM chip. Geekbench is a service that measures performance of computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The veracity of Geekbench specifications has not been established, but Apple is strongly believed to be using the new Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) CPUs for its new systems. Intel launched its Ivy Bridge processors last month, announcing that the first wave of chips would go to desktop computers while a second batch was headed for lightweight notebooks.

Earlier rumors have said that Apple will upgrade the MacBook Pro line with some design inspiration from the MacBook Air. While the new MacBook Pro has been described as being ultra-thin, it is not likely to have the Air’s tapering design, according to 9TO5Mac. The website also suggests that Apple will introduce the Mac Retina Display, which will be “jaw-dropping” and “definitely the most important Mac innovation in years.”

The possibility of new, shiny computers from Apple will clearly grow even more as we get closer to the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in mid-June.

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