Xbox One vs. PS4: Sony Wins on All Fronts in March

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Source: Thinkstock

March was a big month for the current generation of video game consoles. Sony’s (NYSE:SNE) Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One have been contending with each other to establish an early dominance of the market place. Though March saw the introduction of some hot titles for both consoles that blew up sales, they may not be the real winners of the month.

Sony had a strong start to the first full week of March thanks to the release of the reboot in the Thief franchise the week before, according to sales data from VGChartz. For that week, Sony’s PS4 was the highest selling console globally and sold more software than the Xbox One and Nintendo’s (NTDOY.PK) Wii U. However, that same week, South Park: The Stick of Truth came out for Xbox 360 and PS3 and took the cake for sales.

That second full week of March was Microsoft’s big week to shine as the Xbox One got the Microsoft exclusive Titanfall. Between the individual game sales, individual console sales, and bundled sales, the Xbox One was the hottest selling console, Titanfall was the hottest selling game, and the Xbox One had the most software sales of the current generation of consoles with about 90 percent of those sales generate by Titanfall. Total software sales were up at 1.07 million units for the week according to VGChartz, while console sales hit 155,157.

Of course, just as the Xbox One had it’s week, the Ps4 had to have a golden week. The third full week of March saw the release of inFamous: Second Son and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, one a Sony exclusive and both hot sellers. Between the two titles, Titanfall’s sales were beat. Sony’s PS4 had 1.37 million games purchased for it during the week, while the console his 212,721 sales.

Correction: this article has been updated to  note that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was not released exclusively for Sony consoles, though sales of the game on both current and previous gen Sony consoles were significantly higher than on Microsoft’s consoles.

In the final full week of March, Titanfall crept back over Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes with 143,232 sales, but inFamous: Second Sons stayed on top of it with 215,187 sales. Coming out of left field, the PC game Diablo III took the cake for game sales that week with 234,246 sales in it’s ninty-eighth week on the market; this was the week an expansion for the game hit the market. Still, the PS4 stayed on top of the Xbox One for global hardware and software sales by a wide margin.

In terms of total sales for the four full weeks in March, Sony took the top spot in the hardware category with 655,518 consoles sold globally based on VGChartz data. The Xbox One came second for current-gen consoles with 433,940, while the Wii U brought in the rear for the month with 154,227 consoles sold.

Sony also scored highest marks for software sales, but not because of the PS4. The PS4 had the highest software sales of the new generation of consoles, with 2.49 million games sold. But the older PS3 actually consistently outsold every other platform in software, with over 6.6 million game sales. The Xbox One brought in 2.06 million software sales, and the Wii U had just 931,879.

March was undeniably Sony’s month. There is still plenty of room for the Xbox One to make a comeback though, as it has yet to release in a number of markets, including Japan — though the Playstation brand has performed better than the Xbox in Japan in the past. It’s worth noting that even though the Nintendo’s Wii U has fallen to the back of the back, it may truly be the winner of the current generation. The sales stats for the Wii U are lower presumably because it launched much earlier than the others. To date, it has more console sales than the Xbox One, though less than the PS4. Also, the software sales for the Nintendo system are almost double that of the Xbox one and top the PS4′s game sales by around 6.8 million by numbers from VGChartz. If things play out anything like the last generation of consoles, the Wii U could come out on top — just as the Wii did.

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