Xbox One vs. PS4 vs. Wii U: Sony Won’t Back Down


Some wars are fought on the battlefield. Others are waged on store shelves. This generation’s video game console war rages between the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U. So far, the PS4 has been steadily trouncing the competition, although sales of the other two consoles are holding steady. The sales numbers for August are in, so let’s see where each system stands now and how it got there.

According to Time, the PS4 has consistently outsold the current-gen competition for eight months now — it’s just a matter of by how much. Back in June, the Xbox One came in third place by selling 236,039 units. The Wii U fared a little better with 286,520 units, but the PS4 torpedoed them both by selling 412,761 consoles. All told, the PS4 outsold the Xbox One in June by 75 percent and the Wii U by 44 percent.

In July, all three consoles saw stronger sales than the month before. The Xbox One sold 286,534 units, which was a nice increase of about 50,000 units month over month. The Wii U had a smaller bump up, but still increased its sales to 302,076 units. The PS4’s sales, however, skyrocketed to 671,269, thanks in part to the release of the widely acclaimed title The Last of Us: Remastered. For those counting, in July PS4 outsold Xbox One by 134 percent, and the Wii U by 122 percent.

That brings us to August, which tells a similar story. According to VGChartz, the Xbox One’s sales were incredibly steady, moving about 50,000 units each of the first three weeks of the month. The fourth week saw the console’s sales boost to 80,352, thanks, no doubt, to the release of Madden NFL 15. The Xbox One finished the month with a total of 231,559 units sold. Unfortunately for Microsoft, that’s fewer units than the console had sold in the previous two months.

Sales of the Wii U also took a hit compared to previous months. In each of the first two weeks of August, Nintendo moved nearly 60,000 units, but sales slowed down over the next two weeks, when the Wii U sold 49,013 and 45,935, respectively. The Wii U’s total sales in August racked up to 215,697, which is considerably less than in June or July. Much of the blame is surely due to a lack of enticing game releases.

Once again, the month belonged to the PS4. Sales of the PS4 across all four weeks of the month were very consistent — and consistently high. Each week in August, Sony moved an average of about 145,000 units. The grand total for the month was 579,748. That’s 150 percent better than Xbox One and 169 percent over Wii U. Once again, a solid trouncing.

The only gaming hardware that came close to selling as many units as the PS4 was the Nintendo 3DS, which snagged 424,018 sales. That’s good news for Nintendo, especially considering that the Wii U came in last among its console competition. Helping the 3DS move units is the wealth of great games available for the system. Nintendo knows it has to similarly pad out the Wii U’s game library to increase its console sales, but that’s going to take some time. Meanwhile, the Xbox One and PS4 are set to receive a number of big games this fall, while the Wii U is banking on a single game: Super Smash Bros. Although that game doesn’t have a release date yet, it’s rumored to be coming in November.

On the software side of things, no game dominated the month of August. Each week saw a virtual parade of titles claiming the top spots in terms of sales. In the first week of August, PS4’s The Last of Us: Remastered took the top spot, selling 184,503 units. The following week, the Japanese 3DS game Youkai Watch 2 Ganso/Honke marched into first place with 131,172 units sold. Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition for PS4 sold 230,929 units in the third week, bringing it to number one.

The final week of August was unique in that Madden NFL 15 hit shelves and absolutely crushed the competition. Madden NFL 15 snatched the top four spots on the list, selling 488,741 copies for PS4 and 363,070 copies for Xbox One. It also sold well for previous-generation consoles. On the Xbox 360 it sold 293,564 units, and for PS3 it moved 217,071 units.

September is sure to be a big month for consoles, as Destiny has been selling like hotcakes. How the game’s popularity will translate into console sales remains to be seen, but however it shakes out, it’s sure to be interesting.

Note: All console and game sales data provided by VGChartz.

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