You Won’t Find This Life-Changing iPhone App On Android

Here is one person who definitely favors Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone over any device powered by Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android operating system. A double-amputee named Jason Koger uses his iPhone to adjust his “i-limb ultra revolution,” a flexible type of prosthetic that can be programmed with different grip patterns.

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Kathy Matheson at the Associated Press reports that Koger used to have to make a personal visit to a prosthetist who would program the myoelectric prosthetic limb with the grip patterns that Koger thought he needed. However, sometimes Koger would return home and realize that further adjustment to the prosthetic was still needed. Unfortunately, this would entail another inconvenient trip to see his out-of-state specialist.

However, thanks to the iPhone and a new i-limb app, it is now possible for amputees to easily reprogram their artificial limbs themselves. Touch Bionics, the British firm that developed the i-limb, now provides the Apple compatible app with all the i-limbs it sells. Using a stylus on an iPhone or iPad, amputees can now choose 24 different grip functions for their prosthetic arms in the comfort of their own homes.

“Five years ago, I couldn’t pull my pants up by myself. Today, I go hunting and do some of the things that I probably never imagined I could have done five years ago,” states Kroger via the Associated Press.

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This life-changing software provides yet another demonstration of what a flexible tool the iPhone can be when used in conjunction with a well-designed app. Similar to the myVision Track app released by Vital Art and Science earlier this year, this app provides the iPhone with a medical function that gives users the ability to have more control over their own health.

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