You Won’t Guess What Apple Just Got Sued Over

Bitter rivals Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Samsung have found another reason to bicker over after the Korean company sued the iPhone maker in a German court over a method of inserting smileys into text messages on mobile devices.

Samsung has alleged that Apple devices infringe on one of its patents from 2001 that covers a quick method of inserting smileys while typing text messages by having the user choose from a selection of picture smileys rather than type out a series of special characters. Judge Andreas Voss has set December 7 as the date for a decision, according to Foss Patents, but doubts that many customers actually bought an iPhone or an iPad because of a more convenient way to enter smileys.

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The case is the latest in a series of allegations the two smartphone market leaders have leveled against each other in courts around the world, with several other lawsuits even pending in German courts.

Last month, a German court rejected Apple’s claim that Samsung and Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Motorola unit infringed on a touchscreen patent, while a court in Munich ruled in July that the Korean company didn’t infringe an Apple patent related to a list-scrolling feature. In July as well, a Düsseldorf court ruled that Samsung’s redesigned 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet did not infringe on Apple’s patents anymore.

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