Your Cheat Sheet to iPhone 5 Rumors

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is reportedly closeted in its design labs working on the iPhone 5, the would-be latest version of its world-dominating smartphone. And as usual, the rumor mills are working overtime on the contours of the new device, and what could be under the hood.

Top rumors say the device, being dubbed the iPhone 5 for lack evidence to the contrary, could be running on a new chip, the A5X, and may have a 4-inch screen.

So when will Apple fanatics be able to start lining up at stores around the country to get their hands on Apple’s next big release? Earlier estimates are for June, based on the huge iPhone 5-specific hiring reported by Foxconn, Apple’s main Chinese manufacturer – but this was quickly contradicted by Foxconn itself, with an HR Head indicating October for its launch.

Rumors also have the device sporting LTE and a new, smaller dock plug. Some say the new phone could have a retina display as big as 4.6 inches, as Apple has reportedly ordered such screens from its suppliers already. which Apple is already ordering on its supply chain. A larger screen makes sense — it would provide ample real estate for the new A5X processor.

Other rumors say that it may be a dual-mode CDMA/GSM phone rather than 4G like the newest iPad. The phone might also be offered with as much as 64 GB in storage for the first time.

More rumors are likely to fly thick and fast as is the norm with any expected Apple product launch, and Wall St. Cheat Sheet will keep you posted with all the latest dirt.