If JetBlue’s Steven Slater is Our Hero, We’re Screwed

JetBlue (Nasdaq: JBLU) flight attendant Steven Slater is a bad ass. After Slater was treated like crap by some idiot who thought they had the right to be a jerk because they paid a few bucks for a plane ticket, Slater made a Hollywood exit from the plane after putting the passenger in place, apologizing to the other passengers, grabbing two beers, then sliding down the emergency chute like the Dude in The Big Lebowski.

Shortly thereafter, Slater became a pop culture hit. The insta-legend virally spread across the Internet and suddenly hordes of people started poking Slater on Facebook. Apparently, millions of service professionals could relate to the infamous bad attitude of American consumers.

Leave it to the completely uncreative people in the mainstream media to hyperventilate and offer Slater his own reality TV show. The show will allegedly focus on disgruntled workers quitting their jobs in entertaining ways. Seriously? Are these people living on another planet where unemployment data is not regulary on the front page of the newspaper?

If the media turns Slater into a hero during one of the worst recessions in a century, they may actually succeed in irresponsibly convincing people (fortunate enough to have a job) to catalyze a personal tragedy. As we know, the general public is not known for thinking too far ahead of their actions. A few examples include taking out unaffordable mortgages, running up credit card debt, and watching 101 Dalmatians then adopting dogs which are extremely hard to domesticate (only to return them in flocks). [Feel free to add some more examples in the Comment section below.]

Assuming Slater’s new show hits the airwaves, we’re screwed. The Labor Department is already reporting five unemployed persons competing for every one job opening.

I applaud workers who demand respect, but how about putting this show idea in the queue for when the economy is roaring and job opportunities are plentiful? Let’s not make this the Black Swan that kicks the unemployment rate into another dimension. If we do, then we’ll need a real hero to save us.