Marvel’s ‘Avengers 4’ May Finally Bring These 2 Beloved Superheroes Together

Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War | Marvel Studios

Marvel changed the game for the superhero genre when it debuted Avengers: Infinity War. We’ve been rocking with some of our favorite Avengers for years including Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Captain America, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe decided to switch things up in a major way.

In a move that we are still trying to grapple with, the power-hungry Thanos got his large paws on the Infinity Stones and decided to wipe out half the universe. With a snap of a finger, he obliterated some of our favorite MCU characters including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther. It was tragic, and we still haven’t recovered.

Though Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel are slated to premiere in the MCU next, we’re going to have to wait until May 2019, to find out the fate of our favorite Avengers. Just in case you thought you’d be getting some hints from Ant-Man and Captain Marvel, you should know that we pick up on Scott Lang’s story just after Captain America: Civil War. Meanwhile, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel is set in the ’90s.

Our desperation to know how the Avengers will figure this whole thing out and eventually beat the Mad Titan at his own game aren’t the only reasons why we wish Avengers 4 would just debut already. We’re also going to see two very important members of the MCU finally cross paths. After all of this time and much anticipation, Nick Fury and T’Challa aka Black Panther are finally going to meet.

Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Marvel Studios

So why is this important? First of all the fact that Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t asked to be a part of Black Panther in some way is an actual travesty. The film was full of legendary Black actors and Jackson would have fit in seamlessly. After all, the SHIELD director would have probably had the lowdown on Wakanda and its wealth of vibranium.

The Pulp Fiction actor even said so himself. In 2017 during an interview with Sirius XM, he expressed his annoyance. He said, “I can’t go to Wakanda, for some reason. I’m the only black character you’ve got in the Marvel universe right now, now for some reason when you do a black Marvel movie, I can’t show up in Wakanda? Okay, fine. I’ll meet him later.”

Luckily, Black Panther was so iconic that Jackson has forgiven the MCU for leaving Nick Fury out of Wakanda, but now he’s ready to meet the king of the lush African country. During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Shaft actor said,

When they were making it, I kept saying, ‘So, when do I go to Wakanda?’ And they were like [shaking their heads no]. I was like, “Nick Fury, can’t I just walk down the street in Wakanda so they know that I know it’s there?” Because I know it’s there! Nick Fury knows every black thing that’s on the planet, so he’s gotta know about Wakanda. I wish I had been there. But I’m really, really pleased with the success of that film and how it worked out. Eventually, I may end up in Wakanda.

So how exactly will the military strategist and T’Challa come into contact in Avengers 4? Marvel is being super tight-lipped about the plot for the upcoming film, but Jackson has assured us all that Marvel promised him the two heroes would be meeting in the future.

Despite the studio’s grandeur and esteem we highly doubt they would lie to the Hollywood legend. Also, with all of the spoilers and leaks that have been seeping out of Marvel lately, we might even figure out how Fury and T’Challa cross paths before 2018 is over.

Mostly, we’re just excited to see Nick Fury in action again. He’s been pretty absent in Phase Three of the MCU, but we can already tell from the post-credit scene in Infinity War that he’s about to make his glorious return in Captain Marvel. Though Thanos faded him to black in the present, in the past we expect him to be playing a major role in the ’90s set superhero flick.

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