News Gems That You Must Not Miss

How do you filter out the gems — the news that you want to share with your family and friends because it makes you smile, the news you need to know because it could potentially affect your investments, and the news that will determine how you vote at the polls — when there is simply so much information bombarding you in the digital age? Simple. Follow Wall St. Cheat Sheet on social media. Here are some gems you may have missed:

#1. Ford (NYSE:F) gets a massive publicity boost, The Wizard of Oz style

Yes, that’s right: “An Oklahoma man and three passengers survived the most lethal tornado in U.S. history by huddling inside their Ford pickup truck, which stayed intact despite being tossed around like a rag doll through local wheat fields.” No word yet if General Motors (NYSE:GM) CEO Daniel Akerson has sent the team that produced the Chevrolet HHR tornado chasing.

#2. We looked at some of the hottest concept cars this year


While it is unlikely that any of these beauties will be produced in their current forms, the demand for the Cadillac Elmiraj (pictured) has been palpable. We can always hope that the graceful lines — and raw power — in these cars make their way to production. Which one do you like most?

#3. And you thought Warner Bros. (NYSE:TWX) scooping Ben Affleck for their Batman movie was silly


They almost made a Batman movie with Nicholas Cage as the Scarecrow and Madonna as Harley Quinn. That may actually be the least crazy Batman movie idea that got axed. Seriously.

#4. Economic opportunity in the U.S. is up but still has a long, long way to go


While violent crime is falling in many places, poverty is increasing and median household income has fallen. One’s economic opportunity is strong correlated to where they live. Surprised by any of the states on the list?

#5. The U.S. will become the world’s top oil producer this year


Regardless of your stance on fracking, that is the reason the U.S. is set to pass Saudi Arabia in oil production this year. Cue the jokes about invading North Dakota.

#6. We took a look at some amazing cars we wish had not been axed


The Ford GT was certainly not the best daily driver but at least it offered us a retort to Europe’s factory-produced supercars. Did we miss your favorite car or truck that you wish was still produced?

#7. Despite the economy’s woes, things could always be worse…


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