Richie Incognito Revealed as Ferrari Vandal

Source: Thinkstock

Richie Incognito — the Miami Dolphins offensive lineman who was recently thrust into the sport’s world spotlight when he helped to drive away fellow teammate Johnathan Martin — has continued to have a newsworthy offseason. TMZ revealed on Wednesday that someone had damaged his Ferrari FF with a baseball bat. The car was parked outside of Incognito’s Scottsdale, Arizona home.

Today, the Scottsdale police told the Associated Press that Incognito admitted to damaging the vehicle himself and, because there were no charges filed and no police were called in, there was nothing else to be done.

Incognito, who has not made a public comment since a slew of Twitter posts on February 17, has not commented on the incident. The offensive lineman will be 31, and a free agent, when the NFL’s 2014 season officially opens in September. There has been speculation that Incognito’s alleged behavior will have a negative influence on his ability to continue to work as a professional football player.

Incognito, an alumni of the University of Nebraska, had been cited for his explosive emotional state throughout his career. The ESPN Draft Tracker had this to say about him before he embarked on his NLF career. ”Character is obviously a substantial concern. There are are rumors he frequently spit on opposing players and fought with teammates.” The report suggested, however, that, “[If] Incognito can get his life squared away and control his anger, he has the potential to be a real ‘steal’ of the 2005 draft class.”

Incognito was drafted with the 81st pick in the 2005 NFL draft by the St. Louis Rams. He played with the Rams until 2009, spent one season with the Buffalo Bills, and had been with the Dolphins since the 2010-2011 season. In 2012, Incognito was given the “Good Guy” award by the South Florida chapter of the Pro Football Writers Association.

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