The Year’s 7 Funniest Ads on Television


Ace Metrix is well known for its success in ranking the funniest advertisements on television. Highlighting the best ads that grab consumers while taking risks with humor, the TV advertising analytics firm proves that a commercial’s comedy can’t replace its substance, but it can effectively supplement the material.

Ace Metrix introduced its Funny Index in 2012 and released its second yearly Is Funny Enough? report on Wednesday, again recognizing the ads with the best humor. The company says it rates advertisements on an index — a score of 100 is average, anything above 100 is funnier than average, and any advertisements scoring under 100 slide down the funny scale. This year, Ace Metrix identified even more funny ads than in 2012, concluding that humor continues to be an ingredient that advertisers employ to connect with their audiences.

The firm noted in its writeup that this year’s funniest ads have also been effective ads, but that the correlation doesn’t hold within the broader sample. Without further ado, here is Ace Metrix’s ranking of the seven funniest commercials to hit the small screen in 2013. See if you agree.

7. Volkswagen’s “Top Down Day”

Representing the non-luxury auto category, Volkswagen’s commercial that aired on February 18 scores Ace Metrix’s No. 7 spot. “Top Down Day” earned an 847 on the Funny index, indicating that it is more than eight times funnier than the average ad.

6. K-Mart’s “Ship My Pants”

Coming up next is K-Mart (NASDAQ:SHLD), redeeming itself with a funny commercial. The big-box retailer is still struggling to drive sales, but it at least succeeded in entertaining customers with this ad that aired April 12, scoring an 859 rating.

5. Doritos’s “Fashionista Daddy”

Pepsi’s (NYSE:PEP) Doritos come in at No. 5 on Ace Metrix’s list, and it’s all thanks to a commercial that aired on February 3. Earning an 870 ranking, “Fashionista Daddy” is eight times funnier than the average ad, according to the Funny Index.

4. Jack Links’s “Sasquatch Throws Woman in Mud”

Jack Links secured its No. 4 rank with “Sasquatch Throws Woman in Mud.” The commercial aired on May 14 and scored a 913 on the Funny Index, making Sasquatch an instant hero.

3. Doritos’s “Goat 4 Sale”

Doritos makes the Ace Metrix rank again with its “Goat 4 Sale” commercial, this time slotting a cool No. 3. Scoring a 919 on the Funny Index, “Goat 4 Sale” aired on February 3 and is nine times funnier than the average ad. It also won the award for best ad of Super Bowl 2013.


2. K-Mart’s “The Easy Life”

K-Mart also makes the list twice, representing the discount scores category. K-Mart, Doritos, and Volkswagen (spoiler alert!) are responsible for six of the seven ads on Ace Metrix’s top-seven list, proving that some companies really do get all the laughs.

K-Mart’s “The Easy Life” aired on March 10 and scored a 920 on the Funny Index.

1. Volkswagen’s “Choose Wisely”

Volkswagen comes in first on Ace Metrix’s list with its “Choose Wisely” commercial. The ad went viral after it aired on February 11 and scored a 963 on the Funny Index rating, indicating that it is more than nine times funnier than the average ad, and once again proving that Volkswagen does it best.