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Brandy Parkman

Brandy Parkman is a contributing writer for Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

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‘The Nanny’: Fran Drescher Got Her Big Break On A Flight To France

The ’90s are having a big comeback moment, and we’re here for it. One ’90s series that’s had a surge in popularity in recent years is The Nanny, the classic sitcom starring comedian Fran Drescher. Although Drescher has had television appearances both before and after her time on The Nanny, it’s for her portrayal as the sassy …

‘The Nanny’: Is Niles the Butler’s Classic British Accent Fake?

Whether we grew up with Miss Fine or we recently caught on to her charms during the ’90s revival that’s going on all around us, there are few among us who don’t love The Nanny. Although Fran Drescher, with her perfectly nasal voice, is the star of the show, there is another character that captured …

Kacey Musgraves Gets Her Mirror-Like Shine From a Pricey Hair Oil

If you don’t know who Kacey Musgraves is already, you definitely will soon. She’s the newest star of the country music scene, and she’s as known for her ultra-glam looks as she is for her beautiful voice and catchy tunes.  Like most other celebrities, Musgraves and her personal stylists put a lot of effort into …

‘Bewitched’: A High School English Class Wrote An Emmy-Winning Episode

Anyone who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s (or any ’90s kid who watched Nick at Nite) remembers Bewitched, the classic sitcom featuring a magical witch who finds herself living a charmed but ordinary life as an American suburban housewife. The show was immensely successful and won numerous awards, including a few Emmys. What …