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  • At Showbiz Cheat Sheet, our goal is to delight our 140+ million visitors with all things show business, including the latest entertainment and celebrity news, exclusive interviews, television and movie reviews, and behind-the-scenes content that connects the viewer to the big screen. From guilty pleasure reality shows like the Real Housewives of New York City and Keeping Up with the Kardashians to fan-favorite franchises like Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe to must-watch series like Handmaid’s Tale and Stranger Things, our team covers a range of topics that appeal to movie buffs and binge-watchers alike. In addition to movie and television, we pull back the curtain on our favorite celebrities and royal family members, offering an inside
    look at their lives behind the lens.

Meet Our Team

  • Andrew Addessi

    Andrew Addessi

    Showbiz Writer

    I'm an entertainment (and fiction) writer with a love for everything old, obscure, and Halloween-themed. I read a lot of comics, which comes in handy as superhero movies bring in more obscure characters.
  • Brenda Alexander

    Brenda Alexander

    Showbiz Writer

    A Christmas fanatic who's a sucker for sappy Hallmark films. Equally equipped on ratchet reality television and black history. I'm a balance of gangsta and gospel, an admitted wino, an avid viewer of documentaries, a book enthusiast and ride or die for my family and friends.
  • Lauren Anderson

    Lauren Anderson

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    I'm an entertainment nerd (seriously, I studied it in college) who consumes pop culture for breakfast. When I'm not writing about my favorite movies and television series, you can find me watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall for the umpteenth time or planning my next vacation.
  • Lucille Barilla

    Lucille Barilla

    Showbiz Writer

    I am an entertainment writer whose brain is a cesspool of useless celebrity information. When I am not being a Momager to my three kids, I can be found walking my dog around the neighborhood, listening to podcasts or drinking endless amounts of coffee while dreaming of the day I get to meet Jon Bon Jovi and Paul McCartney.
  • Mario Boucher

    Mario Boucher

    Showbiz Writer

    A wordsmith all day while listening to movie scores and a super dad to a teenage son at night. When not in front of my laptop, I walk in nature, play hockey, cook late dinners, and dive into my reading pile, print and digital.
  • Kelli Boyle

    Kelli Boyle

    Showbiz Writer

    I'm an entertainment news writer with a deep love for TV, film, and female singers who go by one name. I'm a lifelong performer, making me a true theater nerd. And I spend a lot of time wishing for an *NSYNC reunion tour.
  • Perry Carpenter

    Perry Carpenter

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    When I'm not writing entertainment news, I'm crisscrossing Europe with the Pineapple 4.
  • Carol Cassada

    Carol Cassada

    Showbiz Writer

    Carol Cassada joined Showbiz Cheatsheet in 2021 and specializes in soap operas, WWE, and classic TV shows. She’s always searching for the latest spoilers about The Young and the Restless along with The Bold and the Beautiful. As a wrestling fan, she watches the weekly programs to see what storylines have viewers riled up. Her work has also been featured on The Sportster and Soap Opera Spy.
  • Sarah Cooke

    Sarah Cooke

    Showbiz Writer

    Sarah Cooke is a fan of all things geeky. A lifelong Trekkie, she has had the chance to interview impressive comics creators and has reported live from the San Diego and New York Comics. She's the proud pet parent of two dogs and two cats.
  • Mary Daly

    Mary Daly

    Quality Editor

    When I'm not working with words, I'm barking with my dogs, tweeting with my birds, and falling deeper down the rabbit hole of celebrity podcasts.
  • Whitney Danhauer

    Whitney Danhauer

    Showbiz Writer

    I'm an entertainment writer obsessed with 'The Umbrella Academy' and 'Stranger Things.' When I'm not writing I'm recording for one of my two podcasts - Scoops Ahoy and Lights, Camera, No.
  • Andrew Doxy

    Andrew Doxy

    Assistant Managing Editor

    Always working on that sweet, sweet #content. If I'm not tweeting about the Boston Celtics, I'm probably watching anime or preaching about how 'One Piece' is the greatest work of fiction to ever grace the planet.
  • Julia Dzurillay

    Julia Dzurillay

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    When I'm not writing or sleeping, you can probably find me eating spoonfuls of vanilla soft serve or crying about the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race.
  • Megan Elliott

    Megan Elliott

    Showbiz Senior Editor/Team Lead

    When I'm not writing, I enjoy cooking, yoga, and reading. I also collect vinyl records and am eagerly awaiting the Twin Peaks reboot.
  • Andrea Francese

    Andrea Francese

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    I’m a native New Yorker on a mission to find the best bagel in the state. When I’m not writing you can find me spending all of my money on coffee and shoes.
  • Bernadette Giacomazzo

    Bernadette Giacomazzo


    When I'm not writing about celebrities & Star Wars, I'm tweeting about 90 Day Fiance, traveling the world (now that the outside is back open!), and spoiling Big Ang, my Rottweiler.
  • Kelsey Goeres

    Kelsey Goeres

    Showbiz Staff Writer/Team Lead

    I'm an entertainment writer who predominantly covers television shows and celebrities. I also sometimes write about movies and music. When I'm not writing I love to read, cook, paint, and perform as an improviser and stage actress.
  • Tamara Grant

    Tamara Grant

    Showbiz Writer

    Entertainment writer with a focus on reality TV. Sushi lover. Dog owner. Survivor and Big Brother aficionado.
  • Amanda Harding

    Amanda Harding

    Showbiz TV Section Editor

    I'm an Entertainment writer by day and a super mommy by night. In my three minutes of downtime per week, you’ll find me reading library books, drinking coffee at all hours, scrolling Zillow listings, and laughing at my own jokes.
  • Ali Harrison

    Ali Harrison

    Staff Digital Editor, Team Lead

    Whether I’m editing content for Endgame360, hiking the Rocky Mountains, or making the perfect G&T, I pay attention to the details.
  • Lou Haviland

    Lou Haviland

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    If I'm not reading or writing one thing or another, I'm probably watching an old movie (Alfred Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt' is a must-see) or cleaning up after my naughty cat.
  • Rachel Hunt

    Rachel Hunt

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    When I’m not writing entertainment articles, you will find me chasing a toddler, preparing food that my children refuse to eat, or Ubering my two big kids from one activity to the next. In my oodles of free time, I try to catch a wink of sleep. In a kid-free world, I find myself writing self-help books for the other exhausted Mamas out there.
  • Kourtnee Jackson

    Kourtnee Jackson

    Showbiz Writer

    Night owl. Longtime vegan but lifelong enemy of peas. I love writing, wordsmiths, and storytelling in all its forms, and therefore consider the works of Neil Gaiman, Wu-Tang, and Prince to be sacred pieces of art.
  • Cortland Jacoby

    Cortland Jacoby

    Showbiz Writer

    I'm a human woman who likes to write about entertainment and is still mad about the final season of 'Game of Thrones.' If I'm not at my desk (i.e. the couch), I am most likely at a film festival or taking a nap.
  • Michelle Kapusta

    Michelle Kapusta

    Showbiz Senior Writer/Team Lead

    When I'm not busy writing about celebrities, the royals, and star athletes, I enjoy spending time with friends and family while cheering on my favorite Philly sports teams
  • Mita Kataria

    Mita Kataria

    Showbiz Writer

    I am a writer with a particular interest in covering film and TV. I love writing about the latest in entertainment, behind-the-scenes & celebrity trivia, and about my favorite TV and movie characters. In my downtime, you can find me rewatching Grey's Anatomy for the umpteenth time.
  • Mandi Kerr

    Mandi Kerr

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    When I'm not writing about the newest TV shows or trying new recipes, you can find me exploring the aisles of Sephora.
  • Connie Liou

    Connie Liou

    Showbiz Writer

    "Gilmore Girls" Season 6, Episode 13, 20:01. When I’m not writing, I’m learning the choreography to "Serendipity," scouring Southern California for the best Taiwanese beef noodle soup, or completing another year in "Stardew Valley."
  • Sarah Little

    Sarah Little

    Showbiz Writer

    A MCU fanatic who also enjoys obsessing over all of the Arrowverse shows. While I am a sucker for films and TV, I’m also quite passionate about baseball, particularly the Chicago White Sox.
  • Chris Malone

    Chris Malone

    Showbiz Writer

    Marathon runner and child at heart who’s in a serious relationship with their air fryer. When I’m not covering entertainment news, you can usually find me listening to Donna Summer, laying out on the beach, or reading about prison abolition — sometimes all at the same time.
  • Katie Maloney

    Katie Maloney

    Showbiz Film Section Editor

    As a literary mermaid goddess, it is my passion to connect with people through words. My goal is to create content that is nutritious and meaningful for the souls of readers. When I'm not writing, you can find me practicing jiu jitsu, talking with trees, or adventuring around the city.
  • Elisabeth McGowan

    Elisabeth McGowan

    Showbiz Writer

    I'm an entertainment writer who has been a longtime movie fanatic. I shamelessly still love 'Twilight' but watch basically all movies, and I love to cover TV shows as well. In my spare time, I'm either at the gym, outside in the sun, or binge-watching my favorites.
  • Karelle McKay

    Karelle McKay

    Showbiz Writer

    I am an entertainment writer with a passion for television shows and movies. I love writing about classic television sitcoms, crime dramas, and horror flicks. When I'm not writing, I am probably listening to a podcast or cooking a tasty dish in the kitchen.
  • Emma McKee

    Emma McKee

    Showbiz Writer

    I'm an entertainment writer with a focus on TV. When I'm not writing, I'm running, cooking, or making terrible art projects.
  • Killian Meara

    Killian Meara


    When I’m not writing, there's a good chance you’ll find me cooking or eating. I have an unhealthy relationship with all things food that my bank account hates me for. I’m also a book junkie with an addiction to classic neo-noir films.
  • Wendy Michaels

    Wendy Michaels

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    My obsession with entertainment news makes it nearly impossible for me to focus on anything else, but somehow I manage to have a life, too.
  • Melissa Mitas

    Melissa Mitas

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    Writer, wife, mom, dog owner, coffee addict, ice cream enthusiast. In my (extremely minimal) spare time I love being outdoors, meeting up with friends, and watching Pixar movies with my hubby and 2 daughters. The dogs enjoy them too.
  • Christina Montford

    Christina Montford

    Showbiz Senior Writer/Team Lead

    I'm a travelling junkie with a recovering sweets addiction.
  • Matt Moore

    Matt Moore

    Quality Editor

    I'm an editor passionate about collaborating with writers to deliver quality content. I spend my free time with family and friends, traveling, and trying to figure out the next thing to watch on Netflix.
  • Julia Mullaney

    Julia Mullaney

    Showbiz Celebrity Section Editor

    I'm a self-proclaimed macaroni and cheese connoisseur who loves writing about health, fitness, and food. When I’m not writing, you can find me at the beach!
  • Amanda Mullen

    Amanda Mullen

    Showbiz Writer

    I’m an entertainment writer who can usually be found by the coffee pot, with my nose in a book, or still crying over ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ I’m Team Oxford Comma, and the quickest way to my heart is through Baby Yoda.
  • Eryn Murphy

    Eryn Murphy

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    When not writing, you can find me binge-watching whatever show is currently consuming my life or seeing the same movie multiple times in theaters.
  • Elise Nelson

    Elise Nelson

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    I am an entertainment junkie. When I’m not watching Gilmore Girls for the 60th time, I’m usually playing video games. I also love listening to music, playing my ukulele, and petting all the dogs.
  • Jeff Nelson

    Jeff Nelson

    Showbiz Writer

    I'm an avid film buff who's always on the search for the next best indie or horror movie. I'm most likely enjoying a nice cup of tea while writing film reviews or entertainment news.
  • Sheiresa Ngo

    Sheiresa Ngo

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    When I'm not writing about personal finance or lifestyle, I'm thinking about where I'm going to get my next cup of coffee.
  • Julia Odom

    Julia Odom

    Showbiz Writer

    When I’m not writing about the latest reality TV drama, I’m usually starting my own drama with one of my four sisters. You can find me probably writing poetry from some moody cafe in Europe or laying on the floor with my cat.
  • Candace Powell

    Candace Powell

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    When I'm not crying over Jack Pearson's death or searching for the perfect Milky Way latte, you'll find me writing books, marathon training in cemeteries, or parenting 3 kids, 2 cats, and a very "spirited" Corgi named Tater Tot.
  • Jessie Quinn

    Jessie Quinn

    Showbiz Managing Editor

    I am passionate about building a team of collaborative and creative individuals. When I’m not managing the Showbiz team, I am crafting my heart out, practicing yoga, hoarding books, or binge-watching ‘Friends’ for the one-billionth time.
  • Gina Ragusa

    Gina Ragusa

    Showbiz Senior Writer

    When I'm not wrangling dogs or running, I'm running after dogs and trying to find slick ways to save some cash. To spend on the dogs.
  • Elizabeth Randolph

    Elizabeth Randolph

    Showbiz Writer

    I am a media and fashion junkie from Akron, Ohio. When I’m not writing about entertainment news, you can find me listening to The Read podcast or going down a YouTube rabbit hole.
  • Audrey Rock

    Audrey Rock

    Showbiz Writer

    I’m a longtime film critic & writer living in L.A. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me on a red carpet in Hollywood, with my movie-geek kids at Disneyland, or at the beach with a novel.
  • Katie Rook

    Katie Rook

    Showbiz Writer

    Reclusive homeschool mom and animal lover with an interest in entertainment. And true crime. And boybands. My nosiness about the rich and famous was inherent but writing is a talent I've developed through my education and experience. So, writing about celebrities feels natural to me. When not working, I'm usually with my family and/or screaming over videos of BTS being nice to each other.
  • Erica Scassellati

    Erica Scassellati

    Showbiz Writer

    I am an entertainment writer who enjoys binging comedy and drama shows. In my free time, you can find me reading books, listening to podcasts, practicing yoga, and traveling to new places.
  • Gabriela Silva

    Gabriela Silva

    Showbiz Writer

    Movie and television nerd since childhood. If not buried in a drama and romance filled K-Drama, I’m watching 90s thrillers of murder and intrigue. Can’t forget guilty pleasure watching cliché teen movies and fan curling over Chris Evans.
  • Amanda Spence

    Amanda Spence

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    I'm a writer that enjoys nothing more than getting the latest entertainment news in the blink of an eye. You can find me in my downtime obsessing over plants, cooking, and spending time with my family and friends.
  • Chelsea Stewart

    Chelsea Stewart

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    When I'm not writing about celebs I wish were my friends IRL, I'm exploring Atlanta or watching "Frasier" reruns. Tweet me @cjasminest.
  • Armando Tinoco

    Armando Tinoco

    Showbiz Writer

    I’m a pop culture junkie who loves all things Disney and takes “The Real Housewives” too seriously that often lead to strong arguments. When I am not writing about entertainment, I am traveling and testing Dorit Kemsley’s theory on accents.
  • Aramide Tinubu

    Aramide Tinubu

    Showbiz Senior Writer/Team Lead

    A brunch enthusiast with a penchant for books and movies. When I’m not writing entertainment news you can find me reviewing movies, sipping coffee between flights, or dragging myself to the gym.
  • Tram Anh Ton Nu

    Tram Anh Ton Nu

    Showbiz Writer

    I'm an entertainment fan who has been following celebrities for as long as I can remember. When I'm not writing, I can usually be found obsessing over K-pop, watching cat videos, or trying to catch up on General Hospital.
  • Fred Topel

    Fred Topel

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    I live in the heart of film and television, and go wherever the story is to talk to the people who perform and create them. If you see a typo, that's my cats trying to help me write.
  • Grace Turney

    Grace Turney

    Showbiz Writer

    Aries INTJ 4w5. Former librarian, current writer and artist. Obsessed with my chihuahua Prince Phillip, astrology, Pokémon Go, crystals, and Bravo.
  • Alani Vargas

    Alani Vargas

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    I'm a history nut who loves coffee and wine just as much as I still love Daenerys Targaryen (which is a lot). 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' and 'Buffy' are things you should watch if you want to get to know me. I love the MCU and Star Wars, but I am also a sap for a good rom-com
  • Nicole Weaver

    Nicole Weaver

    Showbiz Senior Writer/Team Lead

    My life is pretty much having arguments about The Bachelor and Games of Thrones all while playing The Sims.
  • Lauren Weiler

    Lauren Weiler

    Showbiz Senior Writer/Team Lead

    My life would be incomplete without editing, writing health articles, and swinging from the aerial silks at my local circus gym.
  • Hannah Wigandt

    Hannah Wigandt

    Showbiz Writer

    I am an entertainment writer who loves who has an eclectic taste in music, films, and television shows. When I'm not writing, I'm usually reading Delena, Eris, and Reylo fanfiction, playing the Sims, journaling, and trying to find the best botanical gardens.
  • Bre Williams

    Bre Williams

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    I'm an entertainment junkie, who has the scoop on every trending celebrity to date. When I'm not writing, I can be found binge watching Hulu or enjoying naps with my dog!
  • John Wolfe

    John Wolfe

    Showbiz Staff Writer

    I'm a Survivor fan with a passion for baking bread, and DMing board games.
  • Robert Yaniz Jr.

    Robert Yaniz Jr.

    Showbiz Writer

    A self-described student of pop culture, I can usually be found at my local movie theater taking in the latest new release or at a nearby Starbucks writing about it. The Last Jedi is everything
  • Mishal Zafar

    Mishal Zafar

    Showbiz Writer

    I'm a native Chicagoan who's obsessed with all things TV and movies. When I'm not writing, you can find me stealing chocolate chip cookies from my kids.

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