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Matthew Trzcinski

Matt Trzcinski’s career in journalism began in high school when he started writing for local newspapers. He’s been a film critic since 2012 and joined the Showbiz Cheat Sheet team in 2019 where he specializes in classic rock and pop music. He loves the larger-than-life personalities in both genres, which provide ample fodder in books and interviews for behind-the-scenes information our readers want to know. Matt has expertise in acts such as The Beatles and The Monkees.

Matt is a Tufts University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies. In his free time, he participates in the Boston Horror Society, a group devoted to horror films. He also enjoys reading the work of critics including Roger Ebert and Chuck Klosterman and authors J.D. Salinger, Edgar Allen Poe, and Franz Kafka. See more of Matt’s work on Screen Rant, Cinema Axis, Taste of Cinema, American Songwriter, and his Muck Rack profile.

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