Cortland Jacoby

Cortland Jacoby joined Showbiz Cheat Sheet in 2021. She enjoys covering a wide range of topics, including stand-up comedy and talk shows, film festivals and award shows, and body positivity content. Plus, Cortland loves to share a silly or positive story, as she firmly believes not all news has to be so serious.

Cortland enjoys traveling for film festivals and is heavily involved in the body positivity and intersectional feminist movements. Not to mention, she loves a good film score.

Cortland earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Elizabethtown College. She was a film study minor, and she’s also certified to teach middle school and high school English and film studies. She’s currently working to be certified in SEO and is a candidate for the Washington Area Film Critic Association. Cortland has contributed to sites such as Punch Drunk Critics. Those who are fans of her work can check her out on Twitter or LinkedIn.