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Josh Lezmi

Joshua Lezmi is a self-described Broadway geek who loves a good mini-series and also has intense opinions about TV’s widespread transition to the anthology format. He began covering entertainment news in 2018 and joined the Showbiz Cheat Sheet team in 2019. He’s an expert in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Netflix originals, and trending TV shows. He loves interacting with the fandom that surrounds certain movies and TV shows, as theorizing and engaging with like-minded fans is both a creative outlet and an interactive experience.

In his spare time, Joshua hones his craft by participating with Shut Up & Write! He is Google Analytics certified and earned his Bachelor’s degree in English: Language, Media, and Communications from the University of Rochester. While there, he was formally trained in speechwriting and performance by Curt Smith, the speechwriter for George H.W. Bush.

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