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Milla Henson

Milla Henson is a contributing writer for Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

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Is Chuck Norris Married?

As the premiere date for the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot grows closer, more people have started to think about Chuck Norris, the man who created Cordell Walker, and wonder what he is up to these days. This has led to some questions about how a seemingly shy man managed to find his way in front of a television camera. …

‘General Hospital’: Will Chase and Brook Lynn Get Together?

Fans of General Hospital know that Port Charles is a pretty exciting place to live. There’s never a dull moment. The town attracts trouble the same way lamplight draws moths. Not a week goes by where something doesn’t shake the town to its core. There’s mob activity, kidnappings, bombs, drug busts, murders, plane crashes, car crashes, amazing returns …

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Is a Baby on the Horizon for Hope?

Babies and baby drama often drive plots on The Bold and the Beautiful and Hope Logan is no stranger to it. In the past year, she’s lost a child, acquired a step-child, been a victim of a baby-snatching, and has been reunited with her child. Many fans currently wonder if there could be a new baby on Hope’s horizon. …

‘General Hospital’: Carly’s Dark Path Could Leave Sonny In His Time of Need

Anyone who has spent any time browsing the covers of the magazine grocery store display in the checkout lane knows that Carly and Sonny are a soap opera super couple. It’s rare that at least one of the headlines on Soap Opera Digest doesn’t contain some mention of the turbulent couple. Next to Luke and Laura, Sonny and Carly are …