1 ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Teased an Invite to ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2021

Although Bachelor contestants Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett won Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor in 2020, neither married the pilot. Fans will recall that Weber broke things off with Sluss to go back to Prewett. However, that relationship didn’t last long, either. 

Both Sluss and Prewett could join the spinoff series Bachelor In Paradise for the summer of 2021. At least one of the two teased an invitation to find love on a sandy beach this summer.

The Bachelor contestants season 24
‘The Bachelor contestants season 24 | ABC/Craig Sjodin

‘Bachelor’ contestants Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett are close friends

Since dating Peter WeberBachelor contestants Sluss and Prewett became close friends. They made it to the final two of his season together, which did not hurt their friendship. Rather than blame each other, the women are happy with their experience as contestants on The Bachelor

Sluss and Prewett often comment on one another’s social media posts. They also post photos together and talk about calling each other. The pair both have a partnership with Revolve Beauty and share the same tastes in fashion. Sluss and Prewett are both Instagram influencers who post daily modeling photos and selfies.

If asked, would Sluss and Prewett be contestants on ‘Bachelor In Paradise’?

When The Bachelor Season 25 ended in March 2020, Sluss alluded to fans that she might be a contestant on Bachelor In Paradise.

“There might be a bikini waiting for me,” she told Guest host Sean Hayes on The Ellen Show.

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Sluss does not hide her feelings about wanting to join the spinoff series. She laughs and smiles when asked if she will be on the beach. However, Prewett is more cryptic in her answer to Us Weekly

“Anytime there is an opportunity that is presented to me, especially a big one like that, I just really take the time to pray about it and talk to my family about it before I make any decisions,” she told the outlet.

Prewett added that she knows she did not answer the question, but that’s what she would do if asked to be on Bachelor In Paradise. Could we see both contestants on Bachelor In Paradise?

Hannah Ann Sluss teased an invitation to ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

On Instagram, on Jan. 31, 2021, Sluss shared a photo of herself on a beach, with a caption about paradise.

“Come with me to paradise,” Sluss wrote. “A place where the sun is always shining.”

Fans quickly picked up on the play on words and believed that Sluss might be talking about joining Bachelor In Paradise Season 7.

“I’m guessing this means we’ll be seeing Hannah Ann in Paradise!” one fan wrote on Reddit.

Other fans agreed that Sluss would be a great contestant on Bachelor In Paradise.

“She isn’t my cup of tea, but she would be a perfect fit for BIP,” another viewer added. “Hannah Ann is someone I can see guys fighting over, and she definitely likes to pose in bikinis.”