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The Ranking of Kings anime set itself apart from other fantasy shows like Shield Hero or Sword Art Online. However, despite the Ranking of Kings characters like Prince Bojji and Kage capturing fans’ hearts, one controversy has come to audiences’ attention. Some fans claim the Ranking of Kings manga featured some instances of real-life prejudices. Now that the anime has reached the allegedly problematic chapters, fans debated whether there’s anything offensive or just coincidence.

Prince Bojji from 'Ranking of Kings' Season 1
Prince Bojji from ‘Ranking of Kings’ Season 1 | Funimation

‘Ranking of Kings’ controversy has fans claiming the countries of Houma and Gyakuza as an allegory for Japan and Korea

As Ranking of Kings Season 2 airs, the anime reached the reportedly problematic chapters from the manga.

“Fans are once again pointing out similarities between old pictures of pre-colonized Korea and those taken post-colonization with scenes that were depicted in the anime,” Gamerant reported.

“Viewers are claiming that the show contains historical revisionist dog-whistling using the countries of Houma and Gyakuza as an allegory for the historical relationship between Japan and Korea,” Gamerant continued.

While the country of Houma is depicted as wholly good, Gyakuza has a population that is selfish, primitive, and poor. Even without the historical context, viewers noted that showing an entire ethnicity, even a fictional one, is in bad taste.

Some fans disagree that the ‘evidence’ for the ‘Ranking of Kings’ controversy is strong enough

Many viewers expressed disappointment in the series. They tweeted posts about it on Twitter and other social media sites.

However, some fans disagree with the Ranking of Kings controversy. They do not think the evidence holds up enough to claim that the show draws parallels with the real world.

“I haven’t studied Ranking of Kings or its author yet, but I stand unconvinced,” one fan on Twitter said. “I see the pictures, I sort of see it, but can’t agree with Kim Morrissy the situation is ‘obvious.’ If you step back, there’s too little to go on.”

Once the Ranking of Kings controversy arose around the series, though, it turned certain people off whether it proved true or not.

It is uncertain if Prince Bojji’s adventure will be affected by the issues

While some fans might want the Ranking of Kings anime to change the events in the manga, there is no word on if Wit Studio might change the series.


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Many fans try to steer clear of drama. Some jumped ship on the anime purely because a Ranking of Kings controversy came about at all.

However, the anime remains as popular as ever, with fans eager to catch new episodes of Ranking of Kings through Funimation or Crunchyroll.