1 ‘The Mandalorian’ Director, Taika Waititi, Might Return to the ‘Star Wars’ Universe for a Very Different Project

Sure, he voiced a droid and directed an episode of Disney+’s award-winning series, The Mandalorian. Now, Disney and Star Wars are teaming up with director and writer Taika Waititi for a new, “secret” project in the galaxy far, far away. 

Here’s what we know about the upcoming Star Wars movie co-written by Waititi.

Taika Waititi directed part of the ‘Star Wars’ series, ‘The Mandalorian’

Some know him for his work with Jojo Rabbit or the Marvel flick, Thor: Ragnarok. However, this director also worked in conjunction with the first-ever live-action Star Wars series, titled The Mandalorian, which premiered on Disney’s streaming platform during November 2019

Waititi actually voiced one of the droids in this corner of the galaxy far, far away — a bounty-hunter droid-turned ally, named IG-11. After being shot by the title character, a local decides to reprogram him to be a servant droid. The Mandalorian and IG-11 team up again, only for this droid to be killed in battle.

Aside from voicing this character, according to IMDb, this actor also directed one episode for this Disney+ original. That would be the eighth episode in the first season, titled “Chapter 8: Redemption.” Now, this director may be involved in another project from the same universe. 

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Taika Waititi will reportedly co-write a new ‘Star Wars’ movie

This director will not return to work on new episodes of The Mandalorian. However, Disney did enlist in his help for a “secret” project. Since then, it’s been made clear that he’ll co-write a new Star Wars film.

The Star Wars website states, “joining Waititi on the screenplay will be Academy Award® nominee Krysty Wilson-Cairns (1917, Last Night in Soho.)” However, not much is known about this film, including its title or characters. 

Carl Weathers, Giancarlo Esposito, and Taika Waititi of 'The Mandalorian
Carl Weathers, Giancarlo Esposito, and Taika Waititi of ‘The Mandalorian’ | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

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When does the next ‘Star Wars’ movie debut?

This movie directed by Waititi isn’t the only Star Wars movie slated for a theatrical release. The director behind The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, will return for an all-new trilogy, complete with new characters and a new corner of this far away galaxy. 

The first movie in this new trilogy will, reportedly, premiere during December 2022.  According to CBR, the upcoming Star Wars film co-written by Waititi will premiere on Dec. 20, 2024, although that date is subject to change. 

A number of Disney-owned projects slated for premiere have since been postponed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including Marvel’s Black Widow. Some even made the switch to Disney’s streaming platform. 

There’s plenty of new and original Star Wars content premiering on Disney’s streaming platform. That includes season 2 of The Mandalorian. The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is already available for binge-watching. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website.