What’s the 1 Thing Reba McEntire Would Still Like to Do in Her Career?

Superstar Reba McEntire is a country music icon, but she also has an impressive talent for acting. This craft is on display in her popular sitcom Reba as well as a few classic films like Tremors. And it even landed her a memorable role in Titanic, though she was eventually forced to give it up.

Despite having an incredible career in entertainment, McEntire revealed in 2020 she still has one box left to check in her acting career. What did she say she would “really love to do”?

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Reba McEntire would like to star in an authentic western

While visiting The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2020, McEntire revealed she still has one career goal left despite an already packed work history. Seemingly in awe of McEntire’s iconic mark on the entertainment industry, Clarkson asked, “What is the next mountain … because you’ve already mastered everything?”

“I haven’t mastered or conquered anything,” McEntire laughed in response. “I’ve just gotten to participate. People were nice enough to let me be a part.”

But she did share, “I tell you what I’d really love to do — I want to do an authentic western movie or television show. A western. I love westerns. Love them.”

“People would love that,” Clarkson assured her. And it’s pretty hard to disagree. But has McEntire ever starred in a western in her career?

Reba McEntire in ‘Buffalo Girls’

As it turns out, McEntire was in a made-for-TV western titled Buffalo Girls which aired on CBS in 1995. She recalls on the Reba website it was “a dream come true to get to be Annie Oakley in a CBS TV movie.”

“I loved doing this movie,” she writes. “The costumes, the script, the places we got to film — all of it was terrific!”

It was a two-part miniseries and McEntire played famous sharpshooter, Annie Oakley. She starred alongside Sam Elliott as historic showman and gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok.

The goal of the project was to showcase women in the Wild West, and the film was nominated for several prestigious awards. In fact, it won a Primetime Emmy award in 1995 for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Drama Miniseries or a Special.

So, maybe McEntire is shooting for something different with her future hopes for an “authentic” western movie or show. But what’s her film history like?

Reba McEntire has appeared in a few classic movies

While it’s not a western, fans of The Little Rascals may remember McEntire briefly appears in the 1994 film as A.J. Ferguson. She blows Spanky’s mind as a woman and a race car driver. Then, she knocks his socks off with a kiss on the cheek.

McEntire wasn’t the only big name to appear in the movie, either. Former President Donald Trump made an appearance as father to Waldo Aloysius Johnston III — or the kid who rivals Alfalfa for Darla’s affection, leaving him deep in grief. Furthermore, The View host Whoopi Goldberg made a funny cameo as Buckwheat’s mom.

It’s also far from a western, but she did use a gun a lot in another film role — Tremors. The 1990 film was McEntire’s first, and it eventually became a cult classic.

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