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Some of the best reality television lives over at TLC. With favorites like 1,000-lb Sisters and My 600-lb Life, it’s clear fans have a special place in their hearts for real-life weight-loss struggles. And now, there’s more to love with 1,000-lb Best Friends on deck to introduce new weight-afflicted stars. Inspired by the success of the Slaton sisters, Meghan Crumpler and Vanessa Cross are ready to take up the torch. Here’s what these besties are hoping to achieve in this new series. And TLC is confident fans will love these best friends just as much as they did the Slaton sisters, describing the journey as a sisterhood of “weight loss and self-discovery.”

‘1,000-lb Best Friends’ debuts on Feb. 7, 2022

Vanessa Cross and Meghan Crumpler, from '1,000-lb Best Friends'
Vanessa Cross and Meghan Crumpler, from ‘1,000-lb Best Friends’ | TLC/YouTube

Broadway World shared TLC’s news and official announcement about 1,000-lb Best Friends, and fans are ecstatic. Following the successful formula of 1,000-lb Sisters, this new chapter introduces a “tight-knit group of girlfriends” who are all about having fun and are interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

Set your DVRs and plan your evening. These new besties will premiere on Monday, Feb. 7 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC. You can also stream episodes with your Discovery+ membership.

Meet Vanessa Cross and Meghan Crumpler, stars of ‘1,000-lb Best Friends’

Stars of the new weight loss journey television show include Meghan Crumpler and Vanessa Cross. The two have been best friends in real life since childhood. And they’ve both continued to struggle with their weight. You might recognize Crumpler, since viewers first met her on the Discovery+ series, Too Large.

These two gal pals bring larger-than-life personalities, too. Cross says during a show teaser promo, “We is big!” She goes on to talk about being “sick and tired of being fat and tired.” Both women are now in their 40s, and People describes what fans can expect with this new show. This show picks up where Too Large left off, featuring the duo, who, combined, used to weigh around 1,000 pounds

When the friends embarked on this journey, they decided to undergo weight-loss surgery. However, only Crumpler qualified for the procedure, while Cross failed to lose weight on her own. The goal then was to resolve their personal insecurities, lose the weight, and wow their classmates at their class reunion. Fans now have the opportunity to tune in to see what happens next for these two friends on their return to health journey.

TLC viewers love this type of show


‘1000-lb Best Friends’: New TLC Series Was Inspired By ‘1000-lb Sisters’

Viewers love to watch these inspirational, real-life tales of weight loss and wellness. And the 1,000-lb Best Friends is just another installment in a long line of similar platforms featuring struggles and challenges associated with healthy living lifestyles. 

My 600-lb Life, another TLC favorite, chronicles stars who struggle with weight and unhealthy habits before learning how to implement a strict diet and exercise routine in hopes of qualifying for weight loss surgery. Fans follow these candidates on their personal journeys, usually riddled with tears and failures, anticipating their ultimate success in dropping pounds.

The other blockbuster, 1,000-lb Sisters, has featured similar tribulations that plagued Tammy and Amy Slaton as they try to get and stay healthy. Although the sisters experience setbacks along the way, fans love their bold and authentic personalities. It’s a common thread they can expect with this latest chapter in the weight-loss reality show library, too.

Stay tuned to watch Vanessa Cross and Meghan Crumpler as they carry on with their efforts to lose weight on 1,000-lb Best Friends. It’s bound to be a roller-coaster ride of laughter, challenges, and drama — just what fans can’t wait to watch.