‘1000-lb Sisters’: Amy and Tammy Slaton’s Jobs Before the TLC Series

Amy and Tammy Slaton got their start on YouTube in 2011 and became household names thanks to 1000-lb Sisters in January 2020. But fans of the TLC series are curious about how the Slaton’s made money before the show. Here’s what we know about the reality stars’ income before 1000-lb Sisters, plus how Tammy and Amy continue to make money outside of the TLC series

Tammy and Amy Slaton sitting on a couch together in an episode of '1000-lb Sisters'
Tammy and Amy Slaton | TLC

The Slaton Sisters grew up financially insecure 

1000-lb Sisters has heavily documented the Slaton’s Sisters’ childhood growing up in a financially unstable home. Tammy and Amy were raised by their grandmother due to their mom’s busy work schedule. Darlene worked several part-time jobs to make ends meet for her family. 

Per the TLC series, Amy and Tammy often had to fend for themselves when it came to food after their grandmother died. Since their mom was still working, they often ate frozen or fast food that was affordable. 

Amy Slaton is a YouTuber and reality TV star 

Before becoming a reality star, Amy earned disability benefits from the government. While many fans thought this was because of her weight, Amy has clarified that she’s legally blind, a condition she was born with. Allegedly, Amy will be totally blind by the time she’s 35-years-old. She also earned an income as a YouTube content creator before becoming a TLC star.

Additionally, Amy was a full-time caretaker to her sister before the show. In season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters, she hired Tisa to help care for Tammy. But Tammy has been in a rehabilitation facility since November 2021 after contracting pneumonia.

Despite the success of the TLC series, Amy continues creating content for her YouTube channel and profits from it. She currently has 498,000 subscribers and uploads video posts regularly to her channel. Cameo is another source of income for the 1,000-lb Sisters celebrity. 

Plus, Amy makes money as a reality star. What she earns for being part of the TLC series is unclear.

How does Tammy Slaton make money?

As far as we can tell, Tammy earned money as a YouTube content creator before becoming a reality star like her sister. Now, Tammy earns money for being part of the TLC series. Plus, she has her own YouTube channel and Cameo account where she creates custom videos for fans. 

As documented in the TLC series, Amy and Tammy often meet and greet their fans. In the past, these events were online. But in season 3, Tammy and Amy host a meet and greet at a local fair and interact with their fans in person. It’s unclear how much, but the Slaton sisters likely charge for these events and earn an income from them.

Amy Slaton’s husband Michael Halterman works, too

Amy and Tammy aren’t the only stars of the TLC series. Amy’s husband, Michael Halterman, is part of the show and likely gets paid to film. But outside of the show, Michael works as a mill operator at Shamrock Technologies in Kentucky (according to Facebook). 

Plus, like Amy and Tammy, Michael has his own Cameo channel. He will also occasionally participate in Amy’s YouTube videos, which earn the family money.  

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