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Amy and Tammy Slaton have gotten a lot of heat from TLC fans over the state of their homes. When Amy gave birth to Gage on 1000-lb Sisters, fans worried that he would grow up in a less-than-clean environment. In a recent episode of the show, the issue of cleanliness came up again when a cockroach was seen scurrying up the wall behind Amy in a scene.

Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton, the Slaton sisters from '1000-Lb Sisters'
Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton, the Slaton sisters from ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ | TLC

‘1000-lb Sisters’ fans lose it over cockroach

In the scene, Amy tried to address the bug issue.

“I try so hard not to show them in my videos and stuff and then yall see them, and it’s just hard,” she cried. But right as she was speaking, a cockroach came into frame and scurried up the wall.

Fans were quick to catch the bug and posted about the moment on Reddit.

“The best part is the camera operator noticed, and shifted the focus to put it in focus real quick, and then back to Amy,” one person wrote. “They’ve got a really good team working on this show.”

“You think the camera crew brought in the roach??” one fan asked. “I wouldn’t put it past TLC.”

At one point, Amy’s husband, Michael Halterman, defended them, saying that bugs were a problem in everyone’s home. A statement many fans did not agree with.

“I’m watching this now and cringed at that, and no Michael, not everyone has roaches and mice,” one person wrote.

“I guess he was just trying to make Amy feel better, but I was like NO, no they do not,” another user said.

“I guess my question of ‘do they have roaches?’ is answered,” another person added. “In the last episode there was a can of roach spray on the kitchen counter when Tisa and Tammy were in the kitchen cooking.”

“Yeah, I can sympathize with the mice and roach problem,” one person reasoned. “”My old neighborhood was infested with them. Every single neighbor had them. Even though we were clean, and sprayed for pests frequently, they always came back after a short while. But in the cupboard?! How dirty would it have to have been for her not to notice a d*mn mouse in the cupboards? That is disgusting.”

Fans worried about Gage

This isn’t the first time that Amy or Tammy’s housekeeping skills have been called into question. When Amy posted a picture of her and her son Gage wearing matching outfits, fans worried that Amy’s messiness could actually be dangerous. In the picture, medicine bottles and other things could be seen strewn around the room haphazardly.

“I hope he isn’t crawling around with medicine bottles at his reach or anything else he could choke on,” one fan commented. “Looks awfully dangerous with things stacked that could fall on him.”

“And I hope to God you clean before that baby starts crawling,” another person commented on the photo.


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Amy and Tammy hired help in ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Season 3

This season, Tammy and Amy hired a home health nurse to help Tammy with the cooking, laundry, and some light cleaning. However, it’s clear that if they want to turn their roach infestation around, they may need to get professional cleaning help.