‘1000-Lb Sisters’: Is Tammy Slaton Jealous of Amy Slaton and Gage?

1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton recently welcomed her first baby, Gage, into the world. Everyone is thrilled for Amy, including fans of the show. However, some of these same fans have been wondering if Tammy Slaton might be a little jealous of Amy following the birth of Gage. Here’s why they think Tammy might have some sort of chip on her shoulder over the whole event. 

Tammy Slaton was frustrated about the pregnancy

1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton was not actually meant to get pregnant as early as she did. In fact, her pregnancy had her, her doctor, and her sister concerned about her health because it came so soon after a bariatric weight loss surgery.

In fact, Amy was supposed to wait a minimum of two years before trying to have a baby following the surgery. That’s why Tammy was feeling frustrated when she learned that Amy was pregnant. 

“When I first heard that Amy was pregnant I was feeling all sorts of things, I was mad and sad and worried about her health and safety since it was so soon after her surgery,” she told People.

“When Amy told me she was pregnant, I didn’t know really what to say, other than like, ‘Really? Are you freakin’ serious? You know you’re not supposed to be pregnant right now,’” she said during a talking head on the show.

“I know, it’s like, I’m scared as hell, because it was only four months ago that I had my surgery and now I’m pregnant,” replied Amy at the time. Luckily, baby Gage was born safe and sound.

Some ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ fans think Tammy Slaton is jealous

1000-Lb Sisters stars Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton
1000-Lb Sisters stars Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton | TLC

1000-Lb Sisters fans have noticed that Tammy Slaton isn’t as thrilled about baby Gage as she might be. In fact, when she saw Gage for the first time, her reaction was not what anyone expected. 

She called seeing Gage weird, and also said he’s ugly, as well mentioning how he’s bald and toothless like Michael. For many, it seemed as if Tammy couldn’t allow Amy Slaton to enjoy her moment at all. 

Some 1000-Lb Sisters fans speculated that Tammy is jealous about the attention baby Gage is getting, while others have suggested she’s jealous that Amy has made progress towards her life goals. 

“She probably feels like she is being left behind. If she feels jealousy when she sees others doing things she can’t do, then it makes sense to be resentful of watching others achieve the same goals that she has,” suggested one Redditor.

“It’s odd because Amy is more like a mother to Tammy than their actual mother. Maybe she’s jealous that Amy will be directing her maternal energy to Gage now,” posited another user.

“She now knows she’s been knocked down the peg in Amy’s life and she won’t have Amy at her beck and call 100% of the time,” added one fan of the show.

Amy Slaton would have a second child


‘1000-Lb Sisters’: Who Is Worth More, Amy Slaton or Tammy Slaton?

1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton is thrilled to have little Gage in her life. Since then, she’s answered some fan questions on social media about motherhood and Gage, including one fan who asked if she’d have more children down the line. 

Per TV Show Ace, Amy Slaton confirmed that she does want to have a second baby someday — she would like for Gage to have a sibling.