‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Season 3: Everything You Need to Know Before Watching the New Season

It’s official: 1000-lb Sisters is coming back to our screens on Nov. 15. A lot happened with Tammy and Amy Slaton in the first two seasons of the TLC TV show. So if you’re new to the Slaton sisters’ journey, there are a few things you need to know before 1000-lb Sisters Season 3 premieres.

Portrait of Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton, the Slaton sisters from '1000-Lb Sisters'
Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton, the Slaton sisters from ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ | TLC

Amy got weight loss surgery and Tammy didn’t

At the beginning of season 1, Amy weighed around 400 pounds and Tammy weighed around 600 pounds — hence the name of the show, 1000-lb Sisters. They both had goals to lose enough weight to qualify for weight loss surgery, so they could lead healthier and more active lives. Amy eventually qualified for the surgery, while Tammy got the news that she didn’t.

Tammy gained weight during ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Season 2

At the end of season 2, Tammy found out that she gained 20 pounds.

“I mean, sometimes I try to eat healthier, and then other days I’m like, ‘What the heck’s the point?’” Tammy told her doctor during a checkup. Despite trending in the wrong direction, the doctor felt that Tammy was at a turning point in her weight loss journey.

“You could’ve blamed [that] you couldn’t get out of bed, you could’ve blamed that you had COVID, and you could’ve blamed that you were in the hospital. And you didn’t,” he said. “And believe it or not, that’s a step forward from where you’ve been in the past. So you just made progress even though your weight went up.”

Tammy and her boyfriend broke up

During season 2, Tammy introduced her family and viewers to her boyfriend, Jerry Sykes. Unfortunately, Jerry was married the whole time that he was with Tammy. In addition to him being unfaithful, Amy worried that Jerry wouldn’t support Tammy’s weight loss as he preferred dating bigger women. Amy didn’t have to worry for long as Jerry eventually broke things off with Tammy, citing that he began feeling guilty about cheating on his wife.

Amy had a baby

Doctors advised Amy to wait to get pregnant until she had gotten down to a healthier weight. Amy did not listen and became pregnant after having her weight loss surgery. During the pregnancy, Amy took a break from her healthy eating plan and trying to lose weight. But after Gage was born, she focused on her health again.

What’s going to happen in ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Season 3?

This upcoming season, fans will see more of Tammy’s weight loss journey.

“With her weight spiraling, Tammy makes the game-changing decision to check herself into rehab for food addiction, but her stay there may be short-lived as she considers the best way to reach her goals,” the season’s synopsis reads. “She also appears to be talking to a new love interest, which is cause for concern for her family, as relationships have hindered Tammy’s progress in the past.”

Viewers will also see how Amy deals with motherhood.

“Amy is dealing with her own stress, and while her dreams came true when she became a mom to son Gage, balancing the demands of motherhood with her own weight-loss goals may prove to be impossible,” the summary continues.

1000-lb Sisters Season 3 premieres on Nov. 15.

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