‘1000-lb Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Addresses Tracheotomy, Asks ‘True Fans’ to ‘Give Her Some Credit’

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is firing back at those criticizing her for not taking care of herself. The TLC celebrity opened up in a TikTok video about the criticism she received and her tracheotomy at the end of 2021.  

'1000-lb Sisters': Tammy Slaton wearing oxygen in an episode of the TLC series
Tammy Slaton | TLC

Tammy Slaton wishes TikTokers would ‘give her some credit’

“Honestly, if she doesn’t care about taking care of herself, let her put herself in her grave,” a TikToker said in a comment on the video sharing app. “Only so much you can do.” 

In a since-deleted post, Slaton addressed the TikTok comment directly. “I don’t care about my health?” she questioned. “I wish y’all would give me some credit.” 

“Honestly, I’m trying. But y’all just wanna keep holding me back. How the f*** do you expect me to win? How the f*** do you expect somebody to do great and be great if y’all keep holding me down?” 

Slaton admitted to her wrongs, mentioning the “second and third” chances she says she has received. “Y’all say you’re true fans, but true fans would ride or die.” 

Tammy Slaton also explains why she has a tracheotomy tube in her neck 

Slaton ended up in the hospital with carbon dioxide poisoning at the end of 2021. That led to her contracting pneumonia, becoming septic, and requiring life support. She has been in a rehab facility since.  

In her post addressing the TikTok comment, Slaton said it was a blessing she was still alive. She also addressed why doctors put a trach into her neck. “They wanted an open airway in case I got sick again,” she said. 

Slaton also talked about season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters. “Y’all don’t know why I got mad,” she said. “Amy’s not the blessing y’all think she is — at least not all the time.” 

Slaton concluded her post: “The jokes on y’all. I’m using all y’all’s hate to thrive. Now you know why I keep posting videos. Because I don’t care what all y’all think.” 

‘1000-lb Sisters’ fans react to Tammy’s post 

Fans of the TLC series quickly took to Reddit to share Slaton’s deleted post and dissect it word for word. “TamTam as honest as I’ve ever seen her,” said one Redditor

“I think she has a point about some fans of the show putting her down and hoping she fails or even dies,” said another Reddit user. “It’s kind of messed up if you ask me … I can’t imagine it’s very motivating to see people constantly putting you down, talking about you as if you were worthless and worse.”

‘1000-lb Sisters’ Season 4 is not confirmed 

At publication, TLC has yet to confirm season 4 of 1000-lb Sisters. Amy Slaton-Halterman spoke out about what she would need to happen to be convinced to film again, because filming season 3 was a challenge. 

“Now that I have Gage, it’s like he doesn’t want me out of his sight,” Slaton-Halterman told The U.S. Sun. “I feel like I’m being a bad mom when I’m at work. He’s always at Granny’s when we’re filming and stuff. I feel like I’m losing valuable time.”

With her second son arriving in July 2022, Slaton-Halterman wants her filming schedule to cut back if she returns for another season of the TLC show. Her ideal schedule is filming two days a week, but production has not reached out to Slaton-Halterman or her sister about renewing their contracts. 

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