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 1000-lb Sisters Season 3 is currently airing on TLC. But Tammy Slaton’s life on the tv show looks very different from where she is in real-time. On the show, the reality star has just broken up with her boyfriend, Phillip and is still working to lose weight. In real life, Tammy’s health has taken a drastic turn.

Tammy Slaton from '1000-lb Sisters'
Tammy Slaton from ‘1000-lb Sisters’ | TLC via YouTube

What is going on with Tammy Slaton in real life outside of ‘1000-lb Sisters’?

On Nov. 23, Tammy uploaded a TikTok to explain to fans what was going on in her life.

“Around July of this year, I kind of had a mental breakdown and I lost myself literally super bad up until the end of August,” she said. “And then I took a break for September, which means I stopped filming for a month, and then in October, I filmed. Anyways, we are over with the season cause it’s on-air now but I ended up in the hospital because of carbon dioxide poisoning, which led to pneumonia and I was septic so yea, there’s that. I sound like this because after I got off of life support they put a trach in, so I’m trying to get used to that. I’m doing better day by day.”

She told fans that she would be released from the hospital in the next few days, however, people noticed that she continued wearing hospital gowns in her videos.

“No like I said, I’m still in a ‘hospital-like’ setting,” she said in a video update. “But I’m not in the hospital. I’m not being discharged, I was just wearing the hospital gown to sleep in. They are comfortable…sometimes. But I’m up for the day so I’m wearing my normal clothes. Have a good day.”

How did Tammy get to this point?

Though Tammy is not meeting her weight loss goals on the show, she is still in much better health onscreen than she is in real life. Recently, fans have started guessing how Tammy got from the point where she is on the show to where she is now.

“I’m not sure if there are people that follow this show that are unaware of the health crisis that Tammy just faced, and continues to face,” one person wrote on Reddit. “We are beginning to see it play out on the show, and it will likely culminate with the season finale, because I’m sure they won’t continue filming without her.

“On next week’s episode, when she starts partying, I’m assuming that’s going to be the catalyst that leads to her upcoming mental breakdown, which really happened,” the person continued.


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People who have been following Tammy on TikTok for a while may remember her partying phase where she posted a number of videos drinking and hanging out with friends. The timeline that the person on Reddit mentioned does match the timing of the reality star’s TikToks.

Does Tammy get weight loss surgery on ‘1000-lb Sisters’?

Tammy has been striving to get bariatric surgery since 1000-lb Sisters Season 1. Unfortunately, she has yet to accomplish that goal. According to the star’s TikToks, it doesn’t seem like she gets the surgery this season either.