‘1000-Lb Sisters’: Tisa Becomes Fan Favorite After Pushing Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton’s lack of effort to exercise and eat healthy on 1000-lb Sisters has annoyed fans. But in season 3 of the TLC show, Tammy hired Tisa, an at-home nurse to help her do day-to-day activities. As time has gone on, Tisa has started pushing Tammy in a way that fans are completely here for.

Tisa the nurse on '1000-lb Sisters'
Tisa on ‘1000-lb Sisters’ | TLC

Tisa pushes Tammy to swim on ‘1000-lb Sisters’

Since Tammy brought Tisa on, she has been talking about wanting to go to the beach. However, anytime Tisa mentioned walking, even just to the mailbox, Tammy refused. In the most recent episode, Tisa was able to convince Tammy to go to a water aerobics class. Immediately when Tammy got into the water, her whole demeanor changed.

“When she gets down in the pool, I can just see a different glow in her face,” Tisa said. “She’s in the water, and she can do movement.”

“She’s flopping arms around, she’s kicking her legs, she’s flopping her a– around, she’s doing it all,” Tisa continued. “And she floats! Like a butterfly! I thought she was going to fly away.”

“I’m weightless,” Tammy said.

And even when Tammy stopped doing what the instructor said, Tisa still pushed her.

“You gotta do the exercise! C’mon sister! C’mon sister!” Tisa told her. “Tammy, you gotta sidestep. You ain’t doing what the woman wants you to do.”

Then, when Tammy tried to say that she couldn’t walk back to the car after the class, Tisa pushed back.

“She would’ve had me push her from inside the pool, out of the pool, back to the car, if she had her way,” Tisa told the camera.

She then brought Tammy her walker and made her use it to get back to the car.

Fans are here for Tisa

In previous episodes of 1000-lb Sisters, Amy Slaton was hard on Tisa, saying that she wasn’t doing enough to get Tammy moving. But after yesterday’s episode, fans are coming out in support of Tisa.

“I’m happy to hear Amy acknowledges that Tisa has tried to push Tammy,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “When you see Amy is slightly embarrassed at Tammy not fitting the mobility scooter. Tammy needs to seriously wake-up.”

Most fans were just happy that someone was finally standing up to Tammy.

“I love that woman!!!!” another person said of Tisa. “I loved it when she was driving back from the pool and telling her off! And of course, the spoiled brat shut down and was in her phone probably swiping right!”

“Yasss Tisa!! Finally, someone not taking her s***,” another fan wrote. “This lady needs a raise, keys to the city, and an oscar!!!”

Another fan brought up Tisa telling Tammy off.

“She later said that ‘There are people out there that don’t have legs that try to walk better than YOU,'” the user wrote. “I love her!! She keeps it real!! If anything ever happened to me I’d want HER because she’d motivate me to do well.”

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